Saratoga County Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

135 South Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 584-9030


Four Winds Hospital- Saratoga

30 Crescent Ave Saratoga Springs, NY 518-584-3600


National Suicide Prevention Hotline



Saratoga Center for the Family

359 Ballston Ave Saratoga Springs, NY 518-587-8008


For a list of mental health resources, on our Community Resources pageclick here!

Please Use the Following Links for Suicide Resources

 Suicide Postvention as Suicide Prevention                             After a Suicide: Answering Questions & Assisting Students

 Understanding Risk & Protective Factors for Suicide          Suicide & Bullying: Issue Brief

 What Foster Parents Can Do to Prevent Suicide                   Understanding Suicide: Fact Sheet

 Suicide Prevention and Post-Suicide Coping Resources     Surviving After Suicide Fact Sheet


Comprehensive List of Community & National Resources

Please use the above link to redirect you to a PDF version of Saratoga County’s local & national Mental Health resource list
This list includes suicide, child abuse, mental illness, and other mental health resources


Click the above link for information regarding New York State’s Mental Health First Aid Courses



Click the link above for Information about Northern Rivers’ Behavioral Health Programs

Click the link below for an informational PDF regarding Northern Rivers’ Mobile Crisis Response Unit


Downloadable Brochures:  Browse by Topic





FREE Mental Health SmartPhone Apps

Ask and Prevent Suicide


National Institute of Health

Image result for nih depression information app

Operation Reach Out

Image result for operation reach out app


PE Coach

Breathe to Relax

Depression CBT

Image result for depression cbt app

Positive Activity Jackpot

Image result for positive activity jackpot app


Positive Thinking

Image result for positive thinking app

Secrets of Happiness

Image result for secret of happiness app


Smiling Mind

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Diary-Mood Tracker

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