Tobacco Cessation

 Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death; it leads to disease & disability and harms nearly every organ of the body (according to the CDC).  This page contains information regarding tobacco use of all kinds, including e-cigarettes and vaping.  Please use the information on this page to help quit.

Use this website to get information that is personalized just for you!  Join the QuNitY program that allows you to get personalized text messages to help you quit and where you can join a support forum.  There is also information about non-traditional cigarettes, like E-Cigarettes.  Need financial help to pay for medications that will help you quit?  Prescription cards are available!




 Saratoga County is  actively reviewing new legislation to modify the current legal age to purchase tobacco of 18 to 21 years of age.  A date for official Public Comment will be announced; please use the following evidence-based resources to as a guide to learn more about the T21 initiative.

American Journal of Preventative Medicine: Raising the Legal Age of Tobacco Sales

Pediatrics’ Perspectives: The Tobacco 21 Movement and Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Use Among Youth

Saratogian News: Saratoga County May Raise Smoking Age to 21

The New England Journal of Medicine: Have Tobacco 21 Laws Come of Age?

American Journal of Public Health: Retail Impact of Raising Tobacco Sales Age to 21


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