Polls open: 12pm-9pm

Results will be available here after polls close.

In the following Towns/Cities and specified Parties ONLY.

Polling sites for the Towns/Cities of Charlton, Saratoga Springs, and Wilton have been consolidated.

Charlton-Independence Party-Sample Ballot Charlton IND

  • All districts will vote at the Charlton Town Hall, 758 Charlton Rd.

Corinth-Republican Party-Sample Ballot Corinth REP

Milton-Republican Party-Sample Ballot Milton REP

Providence-Republican Party-Sample Ballot Providence REP

Saratoga Springs-Independence Party-Sample Ballot Saratoga Springs IND

  • All districts will vote at the Presbyterian N. E. Church, 24 Circular St.

Wilton-Independence Party-Sample Ballot Wilton IND

  • All districts will vote at the Wilton Town Hall Annex, 20 Traver Rd.

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