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Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation

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Sewer District

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Soil and Water Conservation District

2019 Tree & Shrub Program:

Brochure: 2019 T&S Full Brochure

Order Form: 2019 Tree and Shrub Order Form


Dwaas Kill Septic Grant Information:

Letter from Clifton Park Supervisor: Clifton Park

Letter from Halfmoon Supervisor: Halfmoon

Septic Grant Information & Application: Septic System – Intro letter & App

Caring for Your Septic System Information: Caring for Your Septic System



Monthly Board of Director Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 3pm.

Meeting Agendas:

January 2018 Agenda

March 2018 Agenda

April 2018 Agenda

May 2018 Agenda

June 2018 Agenda

July 2018 Agenda

August 2018 Agenda

September 2018 Agenda



Meeting Minutes:

Minutes 2018 January

Minutes 2018 March

Minutes 2018 April

Minutes 2018 May

Minutes 2018 June

Minutes 2018 July

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