trail constructionSaratoga County Board of Supervisors have several trail initiatives that are currently being worked on across the county and with the assistance of the County Planning Department‚ Environmental Management Director and County Department of Public Works. The County owns approximately 3‚000 acres of forestland that has historically been open to the public for passive recreation. In early 2009‚ the county’s first Trails Committee was formed. They were charged with identifying what county owned parcels would be suitable to be developed in to trails for the public to utilize. Currently along Louden Road in the Town of Wilton‚ there is an 63 acre parcel with a developed trail of approximately 1.1 miles long. This is located adjacent to the Wilton Mall‚ by BJ’s warehouse where users are able to park. There are several other parcels currently being assessed for development including land in Northumberland and Wilton.

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