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The Capital Region has been cleared to begin Phase 1 of the reopening process

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
May 20th
June 3rd
(Earliest Possible Date)
June 17th
(Earliest Possible Date)
July 1st
(Earliest Possible Date)

Latest Business Reopening News

Friday, May 29 – Executive Order Regarding Mandatory Face Masks


Friday, May 22 – Governor Cuomo today announced the creation of the New York Forward Loan Fund (NYFLF). This is a new economic recovery loan program aimed at supporting New York State small businesses, nonprofits and small landlords as they reopen after the COVID-19 outbreak and NYS on PAUSE.  The NYFLF targets the state’s small businesses with 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees (90% of all businesses), nonprofits and small landlords that have seen a loss of rental income.  The NYFLF is specifically timed to support businesses and organizations as they proceed to reopen and have upfront expenses to comply with guidelines (e.g., inventory, marketing, refitting for new social distancing guidelines) under the New York Forward Plan.

Pre-application for the New York Forward Loan Fund will be open on May 26, 2020 at Noon Eastern Daylight Time. Priority will be given to industries that have been reopened. This is not a first-come, first-served loan program.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as regions and industries reopen.

Click this link for details:


When can my business open?


New York Forward Business Reopening Lookup Tool

Businesses in each region will be able to re-open in phases. Re-opening refers to non-essential businesses and business activities. Essential businesses and business activities that are open, will be able to remain open.

The guidelines accessible via this tool apply to both non-essential businesses in regions that are permitted to re-open, and essential businesses throughout the state that were previously permitted to remain open.

Eligibility for reopening will be determined by health metrics for each region.

This tool will help you determine whether or not your business is eligible to reopen, and the public health and safety standards with which your business must comply.


Click below to view the complete NY Forward Reopening Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on New York Forward and Business Reopening

Which phase of reopening are we in?

The Metrics

The Capital Region has currently met 7/7 metrics for reopening, allowing the region to enter Phase 1

Each Phase of reopening must be in place a minimum 14 days before the next phase can start. More detailed information on Phase 1 can be found here:

Information on Phase 2, which is not yet in effect, can be found here:

Additional information will be provided by the State for Phases 3-4 in the coming weeks.

For information regarding COVID-19 statistics in Saratoga County, check this link:


The Regional Monitoring Dashboard below provides detailed information on where regions currently stand:

Regional Monitoring Dashboard | New York Forward

This site is updated daily to reflect reopening capabilities


Description of Metrics: These metrics have been established based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of State, and other public health experts.


Where can I find testing sites in Saratoga County?
  • Information about testing sites can be found here: Testing Sites for COVID-19
  • This link will be updated as new information comes in


Do I need a business safety plan?

  • Yes, every business is required to have a safety plan to open. You can view our outline for creating a business safety plan below:
Every Business Is Required to Have a Safety Plan to Open
  1. Identify which Phase 1 business designation applies to your business
  2. View Summary Guidelines
  3. Read and Affirm Detailed Guidelines
  4. Complete the online NY Forward Business Re-opening Safety Plan Template -or- develop your own safety plan consistent with state guidelines.
  5. Print out a copy of the completed template -or- your self-prepared safety plan and retain a copy on the business premises at all times.
  6. The plan must be made available to the NYS Department of Health (DOH) or local health or safety authorities in the event of an inspection.
  7. Plans must be operational at time of opening, such as, proper supply of Personal Protective Equipment, disinfection, hand sanitizers, available for all personnel.

Additional guidance on Safety Protocols can be found on the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce website at:

Questions about Safety Protocols can be sent to – Email
(We will process all questions as timely as possible)


Do I need to submit the plan?

  • No, however it must be available at your business for the New York State Department of Health (DOH) or local health or safety authorities in the event of an inspection.

What does a safety plan template look like?


How can I obtain PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?



The CDC Guidance for Businesses & Employers can be found below:
Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019


For Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizations, the New York State Health Foundation has provided a list of resources below:
COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizations


Check these links frequently in case of updates, as the information is subject to change


Can my business get financial help?

Small Business Reopening Financial Support

Local banks across Saratoga County have stepped up in a big way to help businesses and nonprofits adversely impacted by COVID 19. Starting in March as New York State was put on PAUSE and businesses had to reduce their operations or close entirely, local banks reported working closely with their existing customers by taking some or all of the following actions:

  • Allowing for interest-only payments on existing business loans;
  • Creating new or increasing existing lines of credit; and,
  • Adjusting loan payment schedules to allow customers to suspend payments for a certain period of time.

In April, local banks across Saratoga County made it a priority to help local customers who qualified for a Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan from the SBA to get such a loan. Thousands of employers locally have now received PPP loans which can be forgiven entirely if they are used correctly for payroll, rent, mortgage, and utilities. The PPP loan program currently still has money available. Please check with your local lender to determine if you are eligible and for details on how to apply and the rules for having such a loan forgiven.

Besides working with a local bank, local businesses may also want to check out the following small business resources:

SBA COVID 19 Loan Programs:

Small Business Development Center:

SCORE – Small Business Advisors:

Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region:

List of Local Banks in Saratoga County:

Will child care be available?

List of Local Child Care Providers

The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce has provided a list of local child care providers which can be found at the link below:

The CDC guidelines for child care programs can be found here: CDC Interim Guidance for Child Care Programs


On May 12, 2020, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors Chairman Preston Allen created a Reopening Advisory Group comprised of local officials, health and public safety experts and business leaders to guide the County’s efforts to reopen our local economy safely.

Chaired by Waterford Supervisor Jack Lawler, this group is meeting regularly to provide local employers with the information and resources they need to reopen. With the support of County personnel, the group has created this website with links to updated information about reopening rules, regulations and best practices.

County Administrator Spencer Hellwig, who was named to Governor Cuomo’s Regional Control Room team for our region, also attends all of the Advisory Group’s meetings. This allows for two-way communication as we learn more about the state and region’s reopening plans and as we need to request more guidance to help with our local reopening efforts.

The mission of our Reopening Advisory Group is to provide as much help and support as possible to the local businesses and employers across Saratoga County while they seek to reopen safely.

Membership of the Advisory Group

  • Jack Lawler – Chair
  • Todd Shimkus – Vice Chair
  • Eric Connolly
  • Gary Dake
  • Cathi Duncan
  • Ed Kinowski
  • Dan Pemrick
  • Tom Richardson
  • Kevin Tollisen
  • Matt Veitch
  • Charles V. Wait
  • Michael Zurlo




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