Please click an email link for the department you would like to contact

Administrator’s Office
(518) 884-4742
General Inquiries – Email
Steve Bulger, County Administrator
Ridge Harris, Deputy County Administrator
Audra Hedden, Executive Secretary
Stephanie Hodgson, Budget Director
Matthew Rose, Management Analyst
Christine Rush, Director of Public Relations

Animal Shelter
(518) 885-4113
General Inquiries – Email
Volunteering – Email
Penny Heritage, Director
Kelly Devall, Deputy Director

Board of Elections
(518) 885-2249
General Inquiries – Email
Roger J. Schiera, Commissioner of Elections – Email
William Fruci, Commissioner of Elections – Email
Jenni LaRose, Deputy Commissioner of Elections  – Email

Board of Supervisors
Ballston – Eric Connolly – Email
Charlton – Joe Grasso – Email
Clifton Park – Jonathan G. Schopf – Email
Clifton Park – Philip C. Barrett – Email
Corinth – Eric Butler – Email
Day – Diana Edwards – Email
Edinburg – Jean Raymond – Email
Galway – Michael A. Smith – Email
Greenfield – Kevin Veitch – Email
Hadley – Arthur M. Wright – Email
Halfmoon – Kevin J. Tollisen – Email
Malta – Mark Hammond – Email
Mechanicville – Thomas Richardson – (518) 664-8776
Milton – Scott Ostrander – Email
Moreau – Theodore T. Kusnierz – Email
Northumberland – Willard H. Peck – Email
Providence – Sandra Winney – Email
Saratoga – Ian Murray – Email
Saratoga Springs – Tara N. Gaston – Email
Saratoga Springs – Matthew E. Veitch – Email
Stillwater – Edward D. Kinowski – Email
Waterford – John E. Lawler – Email
Wilton – John J. Lant – Email

Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
(518) 885-2240
Therese M. Connolly, Clerk of the Board – Email
Bridget Rider, Deputy Clerk of the Board – Email

(518) 885-5381 Ext. 4309
Susan Hayes-Masa, CST, C.E.B.T, Coroner – Email
David DeCelle, Coroner – Email
Anthony J. Perniciaro, Deputy Coroner – (518) 300-0610 / (518) 235-1722
Eugene M. LaDue, Deputy Coroner –Email

County Attorney
(518) 884-4770
General Inquiries – Email
Michelle W. Granger, County Attorney
Maribeth A. Hunt, First Assistant County Attorney
Nicholas M. Martin, Assistant County Attorney
Jacqualine C. Lombardo, Assistant County Attorney
Ann Flower E. Stitt, Assistant County Attorney

County Auditor
(518) 884-4745
D’Arcy Plummer, County Auditor

County Clerk
(518) 885-2213
General Inquiries – Email
Craig A. Hayner, County Clerk – Email
Charles A. Foehser II, Deputy County Clerk – Email
Shauna M. Sutton, Deputy County Clerk – Email

County Historian
Lauren Roberts, County Historian – Email

County Treasurer
(518) 884-4724
Andrew Jarosh, County Treasurer – Email
For Property Tax and Certificate Inquiries – Click Here

Department of Aging and Youth
(518) 884-4100
General Inquiries – Email
Sandra Cross, Director

Department of Central Services
(518) 885-2210
General Information – Email

F.A.V.O.R. Veterans Discount Program
(518) 885-2213
General Inquiries – Email

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)
General Inquiries – Email
Freedom of Information Law page

Human Resources
(518) 885-2225
Scot Chamberlain, Director of Human Resources – Email
Dawn Phillips, 18-B Administrator/Data Officer – Email
Jessica Poe, Healthcare Specialist – Email
Tiffany Armitage, Civil Service Specialist – Email
Carla Groves, Civil Service Specialist – Email
Wendy Tennant, Workers Compensation Specialist – Email
Kara Harris, Human Resource Clerk – Email
Lisa Masten, Payroll Supervisor – Email
Kathleen Purcell, Payroll Clerk – Email

Mental Health Center
(518) 584-9030
 Michael Prezioso, Director  – Email

Office of Emergency Management
André M. Delvaux, Director – Email
Ed Tremblay, Fire Coordinator – Email

Planning and Economic Development
(518) 884-4705
Jason Kemper, Director of Planning – Email
Michael Valentine, Senior Planner – Email
Jeffrey R. Williams, Planner – Email
Troy Hilts, GIS Specialist – Email
Nisha Merchant, Confidential Secretary – Email

Public Defender
(518) 884-4795
Public Defender, General Inquiries – Email
Andrew C. Blumenberg, Esq., Public Defender – Email
Joseph W. Hammer, Esq., First Assistant Public Defender – Email
Heather N. Brondi, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Stephen J. Carney, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
John DeLong, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Matthew A. Maiello, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Andrew Proler, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Elizabeth Parizh, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Ann Flower Stitt, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Frederick Rench, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
Michael J. Carota, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email
William Nowak, Esq., Assistant Public Defender – Email

Public Works
(518) 885-2235
Chad M. Cooke, P.E., Commissioner of Public Works – Email
Thomas A. Speziale, Deputy Commissioner of Public Works – Email

Real Property Tax Service Agency
(518) 885-2219
Anna Stanko, Director – Email
Aimee Lescault, Service Specialist – Email
Todd Bapp, Sr. Tax Map Technician – Email
Mary Pokrzywka – Email

Sewer District #1
(518) 664-7396
Dan Rourke, P.E., Executive Director  – Email
Gene Hutchings, Chief Operator  – Email
William Bills, Maintenance Manager  – Email

Sheriff’s Office –
(518) 885-6761

Social Services
(518) 884-4140
Patrick Maxwell, Commissioner – Email
Marisa Alber, Director of Income Eligibility – Email
Concetta Hmura, Director of Services – Email

Soil and Water Conservation District
(518) 885-6900
Dustin Lewis, District Manager – Email
Shannon McCarthy, Office Manager – Email
Scott Monica, Field Technician – Email
Dan Palemire, Field Technician – Email

Veteran’s Service Agency
(518) 884-4115
General Inquiries – Email
Frank McClement, Director – Email
Megan Cutbush, Veteran Service Specialist – Email
Paul Mosseau, Veterans Service Officer – Email

Weights and Measures
(518) 885-2237
R. Scott Near, Sealer of Weights and Measures –Email