Animal Shelter

General Inquiries: Email
Volunteering: Email
Penny Heritage, Director: Email
Deb Sheldon, Senior Aide: Email

Board of Elections

Roger J. Schiera, Commissioner of Elections – Email
William Fruci, Commissioner of Elections – Email
John Marcellus, Deputy Commissioner of Elections  – Email
Cassandra Bagramian, Deputy Commissioner of Elections – Email

Board of Supervisors

Ballston – Eric Connolly – Email Eric Connolly
Charlton – Alan R. Grattidge – Email Alan Grattidge
Clifton Park – Jonathan G. Schopf – Email Jonathan Schopf
Clifton Park – Philip C. Barrett – Email Philip Barrett
Corinth – Richard B. Lucia – Email Richard B. Lucia
Day – Preston Allen, Sr. – Email Preston Allen
Edinburg – Jean Raymond – Email Jean Raymond
Galway – Michael A. Smith – Email Michael Smith
Greenfield – Daniel Pemrick – Email Daniel Pemrick
Hadley – Arthur M. Wright – Email Arthur M. Wright
Halfmoon – Kevin J. Tollisen – Email Kevin Tollisen
Malta – Darren O’Connor – Email Darren O’Connor
Mechanicville – Thomas Richardson – (518) 664-8776
Milton – Benny L. Zlotnick, Jr. – Email Benny Zlotnick
Moreau – Theodore T. Kusnierz – Email Theodore Kusnierz
Northumberland – Willard H. Peck – Email Willard Peck
Providence – Sandra Winney – Email Sandra Winney
Saratoga –Thomas N. Wood III Email Thomas N. Wood III
Saratoga Springs –  Tara N. Gaston – Email Tara N. Gaston
Saratoga Springs – Matthew E. Veitch – Email Mathew Veitch
Stillwater – Edward D. Kinowski – Email Edward D. Kinowski
Waterford – John E. Lawler – Email John E. Lawler
Wilton – John J. Lant – Email John Lant

Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Pamela A. Wright, Clerk of the Board  – Email
Therese M. Connolly, Deputy Clerk of the Board – Email


Coroner, Susan Hayes-Masa, CST, C.E.B.T – Email
Coroner, David DeCelle – Email

County Attorney

Stephen M. Dorsey, County Attorney – Email
Hugh G. Burke, First Assistant County Attorney – Email
Laura M. Kruegler, Assistant County Attorney – Email
Michael J. Hartnett, Assistant County Attorney – Email

County Clerk

Craig A. Hayner, County Clerk – Email
Charles A. Foehser II, Deputy County Clerk – Email
Shauna M. Sutton, Deputy County Clerk – Email
County Clerk General Inquiries – Email

County Historian

Lauren Roberts, County Historian – Email

County Treasurer

Andrew Jarosh, County Treasurer – Email


General Inquiries – Email

Human Resources

Marcy McNamara, Director of Human Resources – Email
Adam Kinowski, Deputy Director of Human Resources – Email
Stephanie Monaco, Human Resource Specialist – Email
Tiffany Armitage, Civil Service Specialist- Email
Carla Groves, Civil Service Specialist –Email
Wendy Tennant, Workers Compensation Specialist – Email
Norah Hoefer, Human Resources Clerk – Email
Megumi Weiss, Account Clerk Typist, Part-time – Email

Mental Health Center

 Michael Prezioso, Director  – Email

Office for the Aging

General Inquiries –Email

Office of Emergency Services

Director, Carl P. Zeilman – Email
Fire Coordinator, Ed Tremblay – Email


Jason Kemper, Director of Planning – Email
Cyndi Nick, Secretary – Email
Michael Valentine, Senior Planner – Email
Troy Hilts, GIS Technician – Email

Public Defender

Public Defender, General Information – Email
Andrew C. Blumenberg, Esq., Public Defender – Email
Joseph W. Hammer, Esq. First Assistant Public Defender – Email
Heather N. Brondi, Esq. – Email
Michael J. Carota, Esq. – Email
Elizabeth A. Connolly, Esq. – Email
Matthew A. Maiello, Esq. – Email
William Nowak, Esq. – Email
Andrew Proler, Esq. – Email
Frederick Rench, Esq. – Email
Sarah Schellinger, Assistant Public Defender – Email
Ann Flower Stitt, Esq. – Email

Public Health Nursing Service

Cathi Duncan, RN, BSN, Director of Public Health – Email
Cathleen Medick, RN, BSN, Director of Patient Services – Email
Kerry White, Early Intervention Program Manager – Email
Erin E. Murray, Supervising Public Health Nurse (Prevention) – Email

Public Works

Keith R. Manz‚ P.E., Commissioner Email
Thomas A. Speziale, Deputy Commissioner Email


General Information – Email

Real Property Tax Service Agency

Anna Stanko: Director – Email
Christine Aldrich: Real Property Information Specialist – Email
Amy Frederiksen: Tax Map Technician – Email
Valerie Dussault: Auction Information – Email

Sewer District #1

Dan Rourke, P.E., Executive Director  – Email

Sheriff’s Office

Email Sheriff’s Office

Social Services

Tina Potter, Commissioner – Email
Patrick Maxwell, Deputy Commissioner – Email
Marisa Alber, Director of Income Eligibility – Email
Concetta Hmura, Director of Services – Email

Soil and Water Conservation District

Dustin Lewis, District Manager – Email
Shannon McCarthy, Office Manager – Email
Scott Monica, Field Technician – Email

Veterans Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Amy Hughes, Peer to Peer Coordinator – Email

Veteran’s Service Agency

Frank McClement, Veterans Service Officer – Email
Amy Hughes, Peer to Peer Coordinator – Email
Megan Cutbush, Agency Account Clerk/Typist – Email

Weights and Measures

R. Scott Near, Sealer of Weights and Measures –Email

Youth Bureau

Wes Carr, Director – Email
Lesley Monaco, Preschool Special Education Program – Email

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