Bed Bugs


What do Bed Bugs look like?  Bed Bugs are small, oval shaped parasites which are approximately the size of apple seeds.

How long do they live?  Bed Bugs can live for a long time, in fact surviving many months without food.

Can they cause diseases?  No, their bites cannot cause disease.  However, because they do bite, they can cause skin irritation & allergic reactions which can lead to localized skin infections.

How do I know if there are Bed Bugs in my home?  Generally, bite marks will be seen on a human after waking up from sleep.  Most commonly, these bite marks are found on the face, head, neck, and arms.  It is important to inspect your bed, or sleeping area, for signs of the parasite.  This should be done by looking for the bugs themselves, their exoskeleton (outer skin that they have shed), &/or blood spots in/on the bed linen and mattress.  Special attention should be paid to the folds of the mattress; you may also note a sweet, musty odor.

For Further Bed Bugs Information, Including Publications, Click Here for the CDC’s Website 


In Saratoga County, the Environmental Services Office is provided through the New York State Department of Health Regional District Office (518-793-3893).

Identified that you may have bed bugs?  Here’s what to do next:

Renters – call your Landlord to report the problem.  If you get no response in a timely manner, contact your municipality’s Code Enforcement Officer

Public Place (such as hotel or motel) – contact the manager of the establishment.  If immediate response is not provided, contact the Environmental Office for your local Health Department (see above).

Homeowners – refer to the Guide book listed below or contact any private pest control company in your area


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“Getting the Bed Bugs Out” is a 24 page color booklet made available by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.  Click the graphic for the PDF version to download.

Click Here for: “Top Ten Bed Bug Tips” Guide from the EPA