Early Voting:           October 24 – November 1

General Election:    Tuesday, November 3rd, 6am-9pm

2020 General Election Sample Ballots:

Town of Ballston-20th Congressional District

Town of Ballston-21st Congressional District

Town of Charlton

Town of Clifton Park

Town of Corinth

Town of Day

Town of Edinburg

Town of Galway

Town of Greenfield

Town of Hadley

Town of Halfmoon

Town of Malta

Village of Round Lake

City of Mechanicville

Town of Milton

Town of Moreau

Town of Northumberland

Town of Providence

Town of Saratoga

City of Saratoga Springs-43rd Senate District

City of Saratoga Springs-49th Senate District

Town of Stillwater-20th Congressional District

Town/Village of Stillwater-21st Congressional District

Town of Waterford

Town of Wilton


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