3/17/2020     Local Law #1 of 2020 – Adopting New Sewer Use Rules and Regulations for Sewer District No. 1

2/12/2020     Local Law #2 of 2020 Amending the 2020 Compensation Schedule to Provide a Cost-Of-Living Increase for Certain County Officials


1/15/2019       Local Law #1 – 2019 Cost of Living Increases

9/24/2019     Local Law #2 Amending Local Law #4 of 2018 to Modify the Annual PILOT Payment Required for Solar Energy Systems


2/27/2018       Local Law #1 – Opiod Epidemic

3/6/2018         Local Law #2 – Cost of Living Increase

5/15/2018        Local Law #3 – Authorizing Sale of Real Property of the County of Saratoga to Skidmore College

11/16/2018      Local Law #4 – Requiring Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Agreements for Solar Energy Systems


1/17/2017        Local Law #1 of 2017 – Cost of Living Increase for Certain County Officials

3/21/2017        Local Law #2 of 2017 – Repealing Local Law #4-96 and Recodifying the Administrative Rules for the Saratoga County Worker’s Compensation Plan

5/16/2017        Local Law #3 – “Authorizing Certain Duties for the Deputy County Administrator”

7/17/2017         Local Law #4 – Repealing the Wireless Communications Surcharge Authorized by Article Six of the County Law of the State of New York; And Imposing the Wireless Communications Surcharge

11/21/2017       Local Law # 5 – Prohibiting Target Shooting on the Northern Section of the County’s Reforested Lands on Louden Road in the Town of Wilton

12/19/2017      Local Law #6 – Amending Local Law 3-08 to Extend the Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property Owned by Persons Who Rendered Military Service to the United States During the Cold War (9/2/45-12/26/91)


1/19/2016        Local Law 1 of 2016  Regarding Room Occupancy Tax

2/23/2016       Local Law 2 of 2016  Establishing a procedure for replacing a Supervisor who is neither a City Supervisor or Town Board Member

2/23/2016       Local Law 3 of 2016  Cost of Living Increase for certain County Officials

12/6/2016        Local Law No. 4 of 2016   Override the tax cap


3/17/ 2015         Allowing for common, safe items to be excluded from the dangerous fireworks definition

12/9/15               Amending the 2016 County Compensation Schedule to provide cost-of-living increase for certain County officials


1/21/2014        Amending the 2014 County Compensation Schedule to provide a cost-of-living increase for certain county officials

5/20/2014       Authorizing Contract Awards Based Upon Best Value Methodology


10/15/2013      Local Law #1 – “Authorizing the Leasing of Real Property of the County of Saratoga to Christ Episcopal Church”

12/17/2013    Local Law # 2 – “Prohibiting Entry into or Remaining in County Buildings by Persons in Physical Possession of a Deadly Weapon or Dangerous Instrument”


11/20/2012     Resolution 224 – 12 Authorizing Leasing of Real Property From Saratoga Prime Properties

7//17/2012      Resolution 153-12 Hadley-Luzerne Bridge Prohibiting Trespassing

7/17/2012        Notice Of Adoption Of Local Law Establishing Truth in Taxation in Saratoga County

7/17/2012       Resolution 151-12  Adopting a local law identified as introductory no. 1, print no. 1 of 2012, entitled “a local law establishing truth in         taxation in Saratoga County.”

6/19/2012       Resolution 124-12  Local law establishing truth in taxation in Saratoga County


7/19/2011       Resolution 126-11 Introducing Proposed Local Law: “Amending Local Law No. 2 of 1968, as last amended by Local Law No. 6 of 1991, to Increase the Population Threshold to 25,000 for an additional County Supervisor.”

5/17/2011       Resolution 84-11 Local Law “Prohibiting the Disruption of Military Funerals and Events Related Thereto”


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