Program Summary-Program Components (OCFS 5003) Instructions

Implementing Agency: Enter name of incorporated agency responsible for program.

Program Title: Enter the title of the program.

Each program will select:
Life areas
Goals per Life Area
Objectives per Goal
Services, Opportunities and Supports (SOS)

Step 1: For the Program Component, select the Life Area to be addressed. The choices are:
◦ 1ES Economic Security

Step 2: Select the Goal to be targeted. The choices are:
◦ 11 Youth will be prepared for their eventual economic self sufficiency

Step 3: Select the Objective to be achieved. The choices are:
◦ 111 Youth will have skills, attitudes and competencies to enter college, the work force or other meaningful activities
◦ 112 Young adults who can work will have opportunities for employment
◦ 113 Youth seeking summer jobs will have employment opportunities

Step 4: Select the Services Opportunities and Supports (SOS) that your program offers. The choices are:
◦ 0119 Employment Opportunities
◦ 0120 Work Readiness Skills
◦ 0121 Career Development Supports
◦ 0122 College Exploration Opportunities
◦ 0123 Life Skills Supports

Step 5: Enter the Performance Measures to be achieved. The choices are:
How Much
◦ 021B.1 # of youth enrolled in the program (unduplicated)

How Well
◦ 0121B.1 % of youth who completed the program
◦ 0121B.2 % of youth reporting satisfaction with the program

Better Off
◦ 0121C.1 #% of youth with increased understanding of career interests
◦ 0121C.2 #% of youth with defined career occupational objectives
◦ 0121C.3 #% of youth who can name one skill they

Step 6: Enter the following data on your projected target population (in whole numbers not percentages) for those youth participating in Career Development Supports):
• Gender
• Ethnicity
• Ages
• And if serving Disconnected Youth, identify the number (not percentages ) in group (i.e. Youth aging out of foster care, Children of incarcerated parents, Youth in juvenile justice system who re-enter community, Runaway and Homeless Youth)

Step 7: (IF APPLICABLE): If your Program chooses to address more selections, you would follow the steps again.
Note: that no more than 2 SOS can be selected per program.

Special Notes:
If the program checked the box on the OCFS-5002, Direct Services will not be provided by this program, follow steps 1-4 for each life area selected.
Each Life area has its own set of Goal(s), Objectives and Services, Opportunities and Supports. Once you identify the Life Area your program is addressing you must use the Goal(s), Objectives and Services, Opportunities and Supports listed under it.