Town of Ballston  – Vacant

Town of Charlton  – Pat Allen

Town of Clifton Park  – Manoj Ajmera

Town of Corinth  – John Randall

Town of Day  – Vacant

Town of Edinburg  – Eileen Quinlivan

Town of Galway  – Liz Feulner

Town of Greenfield  – Patricia Veitch

Town of Hadley  – Leland Aldrich

Town of Halfmoon  – Eileen Pettis

Town of Malta  – Kathy Eitzmann

City of Mechanicville  – Fredrick Hosley

Town of Milton  – Barbara Broderson

Town of Moreau  – Roger Dillon

Town of Northumberland  – Helen Carter

Town of Providence  – Ruth Lee

City of Saratoga Springs  – Lois Celeste,    Barbara Thomas

Town of Saratoga  – John Hayes

Town of Stillwater  – Mary Susan Petronis

Town of Waterford  – Frank McClement

Town of Wilton – Cheryl Wood

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