According to the CDC, good nutrition and optimal health starts with breastfeeding exclusively for about the first six months of life, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.   Unfortunately only about about half of babies (51.8 percent) are still breastfeeding at 6 months of age.  Use these online resources to help reach your breastfeeding goal!  There are also local support groups for breastfeeding moms & families!  Click here for information from the CDC to answer all your basic breastfeeding questions from how to properly store breast milk to how to safely travel while breastfeeding! 

  Did you know that the Saratoga County Women, Infants, & Children program offers a breastfeeding peer support group?


Visit their website today to learn how to sign up for this program!

Breastfeeding Resources: Use the buttons below to visit local & national breastfeeding resources



Lactation Consultation & Support

Breastfeeding Classes


Women’s & Children’s Education Center

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La Leche League

Alpha Pregnancy Care



Health & Human Services

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Postpartum Support International


Moms’ Mental Health Matters

Breastfeeding Resource Page

Nine Popular Breastfeeding Apps by Babble

Guide to Breastfeeding App (Google Play)



Baby Sleep Site App (iOS & Google Play)