Measles information can be located at the links below. Please note, there are no cases of measles in Saratoga County at this time.

NYS DOH – Measles

Vaccine Safety

CDC – Measles

CDC – Measles Vaccine

Communicable Diseases

Our Communicable Disease Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Providing follow-up and case findings on all communicable reportable diseases such as hepatitis, salmonella, meningitis, and pertussis
  • Acts as a liaison & coordinator with hospitals, providers, and other community agencies to provide guidance throughout a treatment program
  • Providing guidance and resources throughout a treatment program and acts as a consultant for disease protocols
  • Completing reports and data research a required by the State Health Department
  • Providing education & information to patients, families, and community agencies regarding communicable/reportable diseases

2018-2019 Influenza FAQs:

CDC: Influenza

CDC: What’s new for the 2018-19 Flu Season PDF

A flu vaccine can keep you from getting sick with flu, helping protect you, your loved ones, and the moments that matter most.