Hand Washing

According to the CDC, a recent study showed that only 31% of men and 65% of women washed their hands after using a public restroom. ICK! 


Saratoga County Public Health wants to help you learn how to properly wash your hands to help prevent the spread of illness & keep yourself (and your little ones) healthier!

It is important to remember that hand-washing is important to keep germs away – but also to wash off harmful substances like lead from our skin.  Lead, and other materials, can cause poisoning if accidentally ingested.

Healthy Hands are Happy Hands is hand-washing program designed for kids ages 4-12.  Each child gets an activity booklet, crayons, and  a one-on-one, hands-on demonstration of proper hand-washing techniques.  Interactive videos & Glo Germ products are also used during this fun opportunity!



Saratoga County Public Health is presenting Healthy Hands are Happy Hands in County school district classrooms again for the 2018/2017 school year!  If you’d like this program to be offered in your district, please contact your school’s nurse or use our call 518-584-7460 extension 8362!

During previous school years, the following schools participated in our hand-washing classes:

Edinburg Common School

Ballston Spa Central School: Milton Terrace

Ballston Spa Central School: Wood Road

South Glens Falls: Harrison Elementary

Stillwater Elementary School

St. Mary’s School, Ballston Spa

Community Events

Saratoga County Public Health Services offers Healthy Hands are Happy Hands hand-washing classes through libraries, community centers, home-school groups, and other venues.

There are none scheduled at this time: be sure to check our Community Calendar for any new hand-washing classes scheduled.

Hand Washing Resources


  • Henry the Hand — www.henryhand.com Tool kit that includes curriculum, science projects and more. In addition the site offers interactive handwashing songs and videos, coloring pages, and posters.
  • Scrub Club — www.scrubclub.org Interactive handwashing games and songs, computer wallpaper and screensavers and coloring sheets and posters.
  • Glo Germ — www.glogerm.com Free downloadable worksheets for kindergarten through 6th grades in English and French. Black UV lights, Glo Germ lotion and powder are available to buy from this company.
  • Handwashing ToolKit — www.health.state.mn.us/handhygiene/curricula/index.html Build your own toolkit for teaching ages 3-6, with activity ideas, discussion questions and book list.

Have you been to the Saratoga County Fair?  If you were, you might have seen our new handwashing cards!  Take a look and feel free to click for the downloadable .pdf version!