Domestic animals – farm animals and household pets – are especially vulnerable when disaster strikes because they must rely on human intervention to ensure their safety.  The country learned in Hurricane Katrina that many people will not evacuate if they cannot take their pets, and will not use shelters if pets cannot be accommodated.

The Saratoga County CART is a volunteer program intended to assist owners of companion and farm animals affected by a disaster or emergency.  An emergency requiring the evacuation and sheltering of humans may also require evacuation and sheltering of household pets and other domestic animals.  Saratoga County CART educates the public concerning disaster preparedness and animals and will coordinate resources during disasters.

Saratoga County CART seeks to:
• Decrease the threat to health and safety of both humans and animals in emergencies.
• Minimize the loss or separation of animals from their owners.
• Prevent or decrease the spread of disease during emergencies affecting animals.
• Minimize the economic impact of emergencies affecting animals.

Should a significant natural or man-made disaster occur, it may quickly overwhelm residents and local government resources and their capacity to provide necessary services.

CART serves as a specialized resource to assist local emergency management officials, as needed, in all phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery).  CART’s mission is to provide proper care and treatment of animals affected by a disaster or emergency, and assist in protecting public health and safety where humans and animals interact.

CART needs volunteers!  (Click here to join)  As a Saratoga County CART volunteer you may be asked to work during a time of disaster, in a difficult environment, to fulfill the mission of the team.

If you become a member of Saratoga County CART, you will take online courses that are provided at no cost in a variety of emergency preparedness topics including disaster animal response.  Completion of these minimal training requirements is mandatory before you will be qualified to respond in an emergency.

Saratoga County CART is a member of the Upper Hudson Tri-County Animal Response Team, covering Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties.  Its purpose is to establish a coordinated and effective response to protect livestock, domesticated animals, including companion animals, the public health, the environment and to ensure the proper care and treatment of animals in case of a large scale natural, manmade or technological emergency or other situations that cause animal suffering.

You can contact us by mail at:
c/o Saratoga County Animal Shelter
6010 County Farm Road
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
or via phone: (518) 885-2278

We Need Volunteers!
Are You Ready to Help Your Community?

A major disaster could occur at any time, overwhelming the capacity of the county’s local response organizations.  Recovery after a disaster depends on having adequate resources and trained volunteers.

Spontaneous untrained volunteers who show up at a disaster site, though well meaning, can slow down the response process and place themselves and others at risk.

Training and pre-registration of volunteers enhances your community’s ability to mobilize appropriate emergency response volunteers as needed to assist with an emergency.  By pre-registering and training, Saratoga County residents will be prepared to use their valuable skills, talents, and experience where they are needed most.  No special background is required, though experience with animals would be helpful.

Being a trained CART member will allow you to respond as a recognized responder, which is needed for liability and safety reasons.  In addition, training is necessary for everyone’s accountability with those managing the incident.

CART needs volunteers! (Click here to join)

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