On March 20, 2020, the State of New York received a Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4480-DR from President Trump for the COVID-19 Incident. The incident started on January 20, 2020, and is ongoing. The declaration authorizes public assistance for Category B Emergency Protective Measures.

The Office of Disaster Recovery at the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services has scheduled virtual Applicants Briefs for February 3, 2021 – April 7, 2021 via WebEx. The Applicants Briefs provide eligible applicants with the information needed to: (a) participate in the disaster as Public Assistance applicants; and, (b) submit for reimbursement for FEMA-eligible expenditures incurred as a result of the COVID-19 virus. To register for one of the applicant briefings, please click on the registration link next to your preferred date and time. Once you register for the applicant briefing, you will receive a confirmation with the teleconference login as well as the WebEx login. You will also receive a confirmation email with this information. The duration of the WebEx should be approximately 1 hour.  A slide presentation can be found on the DHSES Recovery Website by CLICKING HERE.


About Us

The Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services has the primary responsibility for overseeing and administering the county’s emergency preparedness activities. We work with local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector to develop disaster preparedness plans and mitigation projects, and provide training  and exercise activities.

The Office of Emergency Services areas of responsibilities are comprehensive emergency management, Fire and EMS services, management of the County’s public safety radio system, NIMS compliance and database management for E-9-1-1.


The mission of the Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services is to protect life and property during disasters and emergencies through comprehensive emergency planning encompassing preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery.


CalendarFire Training Facility and Community Event Calendar: click here


Citizen Preparedness

Citizen Preparedness is an important part of Saratoga County’s mission to protect life and property during disasters and emergencies. Below are several resources for citizens wishing to better prepare themselves for all types of hazards. The citizen preparedness point of contact in Saratoga County is Mike Stanley. He can be reached at 518-885-2232.

New York State Citizen Preparedness Corps

New York State is offering two hour training courses for residents to have the tools and resources to prepare for any type of disaster, respond accordingly and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions. For more information click here.

  • A key component to the training is the distribution of free NYS Disaster Preparedness Kits to each family that registers and attends in-person to only the public events listed below.
  • Courses will be offered on multiple dates and locations around the state.
  • Check back for updates or sign up to be notified of upcoming courses.
  • Sessions last approximately two hours

American Red Cross

In partnership with New York State, the Red Cross is providing free emergency preparedness training entitled: Prepare, Respond, Recover: What to do When Disaster Strikes.

The training gives a comprehensive overview on how to prepare for natural and man-made disasters and how to respond to and recover from them. The training also provides information on types of common disasters, ways to prepare as an individual, family and community member, what to do when disaster strikes and what actions you can take afterwards to aid in your recovery.

The training is available both in-person for groups, organizations and community events; or on-line for individuals. Click here for more information.

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