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to assess, improve, and monitor the health status of the community

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The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive a yearly flu shot!

Please contact your primary care provider or local pharmacy for your flu shot today!If you are uninsured and in need of a flu shot, please contact Saratoga County Public Health Services at 518-584-7460

Census Info

The Census is coming! We’re just a few weeks away from the 2020 U.S. Census survey hitting mailboxes across Saratoga County. Be ready to be counted! The Census is not only required by our Constitution, but it also helps us accurately reflect the amount of federal aid we’re entitled to that supports our seniors, students, and others throughout our community. Learn more about the upcoming survey on the U.S. Census website here:

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Saratoga County Public Health Services Programs:

Arthopods & Zika Virus Contact: Nancy Harrison RN, BSN, PHN 518-584-7460 ext. 8304

Communicable Diseases Contact: Nancy Harrison RN, BSN, PHN 518-584-7460 ext. 8304

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Contact: Joann Maloney, BA 518-584-7460 ext. 8367

Chronic Diseases

Early Intervention Contact: Kerry White, MA 518-584-7460 ext. 8390

Emergency Preparedness Program Contact: Lori Prock, MS ext. 8109 

Immunizations Contact: Kesiena Oliker  RN  518-584-7460 ext. 8399, Appointment Line ext. 8599

Injury Prevention (Fall Risk, Child Safety, Occupational Safety, Domestic Violence) Contact: Priscilla Wheeler, SPHN 518-584-7460 ext. 8332

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Contact: Jamie Berardi RN 518-584-7460 ext. 8366 

Maternal Child Health Contact: Priscilla Wheeler RN, BSN, SPHN 518-584-7460 ext. 8332 

Rabies Contact: Elizabeth Herlihy  RN, BSN, PHN  518-584-7460 ext. 8355

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Contact: Shana Phelan RN 518-584-7460 ext. 8365 

Tick-Borne Diseases Lyme Contact: Shana Phelan RN 518-584-7460 ext. 8365

All other tick borne diseases Contact: Nancy Harrison RN, BSN, PHN  518-584-7460 ext. 8304

Tuberculosis Contact Jamie Berardi RN 518-584-7460 ext. 8366 


Please Note: Saratoga County Public Health Services no longer provides Home Health Care services.  If you are looking for a home health agency for in-home nursing or therapy care, this agency no longer provides those types of services.  Please click here for additional information.

For a comprehensive list of community resources in Saratoga County, such as primary care providers, Medicaid dentists, local Food Pantries, mental health & addiction resources, and more, please visit our Community Resources Directory.  Visit our Smartphone Apps Directory for a list of health-related apps available for download.  Other Public Health Topics may be found here:

 ADHD Awareness
Annual Report
Asthma & COPD
Bed Bugs (Environmental Services)
Birth Control Downloadable Chart
Breast Feeding Support
Cancer Screenings Saves Lives!
Car Seat Information
Child Health Plus
Child Find 
Chronic Pain
Community Health Improvement Plan
Eat Smart New York Program

Environmental Health Services
Food Safety
HIPAA Notice
Insect Repellent Data
Medication Storage & Safety
Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
Oral Health
Pet Health
Prescription Drop Box Locations

Problem Gambling
Public Health in Your Community
Scabies (Environmental Services)
Sharps Disposal Sites
Substance Abuse
Tobacco Cessation/Vaping


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