Asthma is a chronic lung disease; its cause is unknown & there is no cure.  The latest statistical data from the CDC shows that in New York State there are over 1.2 million adults and over 475,000 children who have been diagnosed with asthma.



Asthma symptoms can be controlled with the avoidance of exposure, self-management, and appropriate medical care.  Avoidance of exposure to environmental triggers also helps to control asthmatic symptoms.  Education is key.


Interested in the Adirondack Asthma Coalition?  Use the link below!


Minutes from Adirondack Asthma Coalition 10/11/16

Minutes from Adirondack Asthma Coalition 11/16/16

Minutes from the Adirondack Asthma Coalition 1/12/17


Please email for more information or to join the AAC.


Asthma in Schools



Regional Asthma Statistics








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