Health Pets, Healthy People





We know that your pet’s heath is very important to you!  Use this page to help you find the resources you need to keep your pet healthy and happy – which will keep you happy, too!


CDC Website for Health Pets


Pet Disaster Kit Checklist


Pet Food Safety


 Pet Boarding Checklist



Pet Boarding Facilities in Saratoga County (.pdf version)


Hotels/Motels that Accept Pets (.pdf version)



 Pet Health 101: Wash your hands after playing with and petting your animal, especially turtles & chickens

 Pet Health 101: The most common health problems for dogs are ear infections so be sure to clean your dog’s ear regularly

 Pet Health 101: The most common health problems for dogs are lower urinary tract infections – providing a clean litter box is essential

 Pet Health 101: You can get sick from your pet, so be sure to have them checked by their vet routinely for things like ringworm, tapeworms, & other contagious illnesses

 Pet Health 101: Many veterinarians are now recommending year-round heart worm treatment – speak to your vet if this is appropriate for your pet



Seasonal Pet Health Infographics

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