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2021 Rabies Clinics:

May 18th, July 20th, September 21st and October 19th

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We know that your pet’s heath is very important to you!  Use this page to help you find the resources you need to keep your pet healthy and happy – which will keep you happy, too!


CDC Website for Health Pets


Pet Disaster Kit Checklist


Pet Food Safety


 Pet Boarding Checklist



Pet Boarding Facilities in Saratoga County


 Pet Health 101: Wash your hands after playing with and petting your animal, especially turtles & chickens

 Pet Health 101: The most common health problems for dogs are ear infections so be sure to clean your dog’s ear regularly

 Pet Health 101: The most common health problems for dogs are lower urinary tract infections – providing a clean litter box is essential

 Pet Health 101: You can get sick from your pet, so be sure to have them checked by their vet routinely for things like ringworm, tapeworms, & other contagious illnesses

 Pet Health 101: Many veterinarians are now recommending year-round heart worm treatment – speak to your vet if this is appropriate for your pet

Coming Soon!  Updated Seasonal Pet Health Info!