Maternal and Child Health

PLEASE NOTE: at this time, Saratoga County Public Health does not have a Maternal Child Nurse on staff

Our Maternal/Child Nurse may perform a home visit for at-risk pregnant women (antepartum) or new moms (postpartum).  During these visits, families can expect the following:

  • encouragement with obstetrical follow-up (antepartum)

  • help the mom-to-be with knowledge of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum processes (antepartum)

  • when to report unusual symptoms to the OBGYN (antepartum)

  • education about all aspects of infant feeding & care (antepartum)

  • teaching/orienting mothers to breast-feeding or formula preparation (postpartum)

  • encouragement with pediatrician follow-up (postpartum)

  • assess infants general health, growth and development (postpartum)

  • provide information on community services which are available, and informational guidelines on preventative health care (antepartum & postpartum)

  • teaching & encouragement about recommended immunization of infants, children, and caregivers (antepartum & postpartum) 


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Child Injury Prevention:

Injury is the leading cause of death for children in New York State.  The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) wants kids in New York to grow up healthy and injury-free.

The NYSDOH has launched the Injury-Free Kids Campaign to make parents and caregivers aware of the leading causes of childhood injuries and how to prevent them. This parent-friendly website provides important safety information for parents and caregivers.  Use the link below to view the Child Injury Prevention Site!