Substance Abuse

 Saratoga County Statistics as Taken From the 2016-2018 Community Health Improvement Plan and Community Health Assessment:

  • The National Survey of Drug Use and Health estimated 7% of Saratoga residents with alcohol dependence/abuse (additionally 7% needing, but not receiving, alcohol treatment) 
  •  Saratoga’s newborn drug-related discharge rate of 64.7/10,000 discharges was lower than Rest of State (123.4/100,000) but increased 115% from 2009 to 2013
  • Saratoga’s had an opiate-poisoning related ED visit (any diagnosis) rate of 15.1/10,000 that was similar to the Rest of State (15.2), but showed a 40% increase from 2008-10 to 2011-13
  • Saratoga’s adult binge drinking rate of 19.8% was higher than Rest of State (17.4%)
  • Saratoga’s alcohol-related motor vehicle injury and death rate of 51.1/100,000 was significantly higher than the Rest of State rate of 44.3/100,000
  • The County’s cirrhosis mortality rate (8.6/100,000) was higher than Rest of State (7.2/100,000)

 Saratoga County Resources:





For a complete listing of substance abuse resources in the Capital Region, please click here!

For Information Regarding FREE Narcan Training offered by Healing Springs, Please Use This Link For a List of Dates

How Addiction is Becoming a Risk for Seniors

Efforts to prevent substance abuse largely focus on youth. However, senior citizens suffer from addiction at rates similar to teens and young adults and they are one of the fastest growing segments of the population

Click here for the downloadable flyer from the Office and Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services

New from New York State (NYS): “Naloxone, the drug that reverses overdoses from opioids such as heroin and many prescribed pain relief medications, is now available in more than 2,000 pharmacies throughout New York State. Individuals who are themselves at risk for an overdose or their family members or friends may acquire naloxone in these pharmacies without bringing in a prescription.”

You may go to this website for a listing of pharmacies in NYS that participate with this program.  You may also click the above graphic for a large, printable version of the N-CAP General Public FactSheet.  If you’re a pharmacist and looking for more information, please click here.