Tuberculosis Control Program

Our Public Health Nurse:

  • Helps primary care providers & specialists identify those affected with active & latent tuberculosis

  • Provides care through Chest Clinic and in-home D.O.T. (Directly Observed Therapy) visits for individuals diagnosed with either active or latent tuberculosis

  • Increases patient’s knowledge of T.B. infection, disease and treatment

  • Provides education and information to patients, families, and health care providers in the community

  • Urges early examination of contacts

  • Gives emotional support to patient and family

  • Organizes and assists the monthly T.B. Clinic, providing education, treatment, and physician consultation

 Please be aware that this agency no longer provides community or work-related tuberculin tests.  For this, please contact your primary care provider or your corporate health provider for your company.  You may also contact the Community Health Center in downtown Saratoga Springs if you do not have a primary care provider.