*The DWI Victim Impact panels start promptly at 7:00 pm and last approximately 2 hours.

* The Victim Impact Panel (VIP) is a volunteer group of DWI victims, surviving family members, and former offenders who speak to audiences about the life altering consequences of drunken driving.

* Panelists convey a variety of perspective:

* DWI Survivors tell of the grief and painful changes they endure as the result of losing a family member or friend in a DWI crash.

* DWI Victims describe the injuries they suffered, and continue to endure, from a DWI crash.

* Offenders tell of the life they lost, incarceration, and the shame at having done such a terrible thing to the victims.

VIP Presentations are made to all types of groups including:

* General audiences

* High school students

* In some areas judges order DWI offenders to attend a VIP in order to emphasize the possible consequences of DWI.

**Saratoga County collects a $25 fee (in money order form ONLY) from court ordered attendees**


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