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Location: Knights of Columbus

50 Pine Road, Saratoga Springs


The Youth and Family Services Team of the

Saratoga County Mental Health Clinic &

The Saratoga County Citizens’ Committee

for Mental Health proudly presents:


“The Physiological Impact of Complex Trauma and How to Help Children Calm Their Bodies and Minds”

A day where professionals and caregivers who serve children and youth can think and plan together to make more of a difference…

~Participants will be able to define complex trauma and its resulting psychological sequelae.

~Participants will develop basic knowledge of the impact of trauma on the brain and body through review of relevant scientific research.

~Participants will be able to identify three regulation strategies to use with children impacted by complex trauma.

Chronic early adversities interfere with healthy development leading children to have difficulty regulating their thinking, emotions, behavior and physiology. Children who experience complex trauma are often labeled with a range of different diagnoses. This day long workshop will present findings from the current research literature on the impact of early trauma on the body and brain, using a clinical case example to highlight how these disruptions are expressed behaviorally. Strategies for helping caregivers and providers attune to trauma impacted children’s underlying needs and identify learned adaptations to trauma will be reviewed, along with clinical interventions designed to help kids achieve increased internal awareness, reflective capacity and self-regulation.

 Dr. Hilary Hodgdon is the Associate Director of Research at the Trauma Center, Associate Director of the Complex Trauma Treatment Network, a SAMSHA Category II training network and Director of Trauma Informed Services at the van der Kolk Center, a residential school specializing in the treatment of complex trauma. Dr. Hodgdon received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Temple University and has worked clinically with children and families in community mental health settings. Her research centers on understanding the impact of early trauma on the development of psychopathology across the lifespan, longitudinal outcomes of trauma-impacted youth and treatments for complex trauma.


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