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Permit Test Class D or M:

  • Written Test for a Class D or DJ driver license
  • Written Test for Class M or MJ license to drive a motorcycle
  • Written Test under Green Light Law

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Test:

  • Written CDL permit test (Class A, B, C)

REAL ID, EDL or Non-Driver ID or Out of State License Transfer:

  • Upgrade to REAL ID License or Non-Driver ID
  • Upgrade to Enhanced Driver License or Non-Driver ID
  • Exchange Out of State license
  • Exchange Driver License to Non-Driver ID
  • Apply for Non-Driver ID

Renewals (License, NDID, and Registration) or License Amendments NO UPGRADES:

  • Renew Standard License or Non-Driver ID,
  • Renew vehicle registration (car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, RV or trailer)
  • Changes to current license or non-driver ID (i.e. name changes, address changes, veterans status designation, endorsements, restrictions.)
  • Changes to current registration (i.e. address changes)
  • Obtain CDL after passing road test

New Registration or Title Change or Plate Transfer:

  • Register vehicle for the first time (car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, RV or trailer)
  • Transfer your current plates to a different vehicle
  • Make changes to a Title

License Issues or Suspensions:

  • Restore your driving privileges after a suspension
  • Pay civil penalties including but not limited to:
    • Insurance Lapses,
    • Drug or Alcohol Test Refusals,
    • Zero Tolerance Law violations,
    • Uninsured Driver Penalties,
    • Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA),
    • Suspension Termination Fees

Plate Surrender or Duplicate License or Duplicate Registration or Duplicate Title or EZ Pass:

  • Turn in license plates without registering a vehicle
  • Duplicate License or Registration
  • Duplicate Title. For all other title transactions contact the NYS DMV Title Bureau.
  • Purchase an EZ Pass


Resources & More Information:

Please see form MV-500c for an explanation of driver licenses classes, endorsements and restrictions.

Please see our License/Permit page for more information about applying for a license for the first time, making amendments, exchanging an out of state license, and more.

Please see our REAL ID What Do I Need or Is REAL ID for Me brochures for more information about REAL ID and EDL documents. *Please note: The federal REAL ID deadline has been extended to October 2021.

Please see the NYS DMV website for more information about applying for a driver license under the New York State Green Light Law.

Please see our Registration & Renewals page for more information about registering a vehicle.

Please see NYS DMV Title information page for more information about titles. Title Bureau Phone: 1-518-486-4714

Please see the NYS DMV webpage on Tickets, Points, and Penalties for more information about license issues and suspensions.

Please see our Forms page to download forms needed for your appointment.

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