Mandatory E-Filing

Begins November 20, 2019

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E-Filing FAQs

Mandatory e-filing in New York State requires the filing of legal papers by electronic means with the County Clerk or appropriate court.

Mandatory e-filing begins November 20, 2019.

Please note: Any new cases issued in the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office for filing on or after Wednesday, November 20, 2019 must be e-filed to avoid rejection, unless you or the documents are exempt from e-filing.

All civil actions must be e-filed; there are six exemptions as noted under “What documents are exempt from mandatory e-filing?”.

1. Article 70 (special proceedings/Writ of Habeas Corpus)

2. Election Law

3. Matrimonial

4. All Mental Hygiene

5. Article 78 (against a body or officer)

6. Consumer Credit as defined by CPLR 105(f)

Unrepresented litigants are automatically exempt. Attorneys who lack the knowledge or resources to e-file may file a form with the NYS Unified Court System certifying as such for exemption. All others must e-file.

You can e-file through the New York State Unified Court System website at

Yes. The New York State Unified Court System offers in person and online training.

Training flyers are available at the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office front counter. Information is also available at