Board of Elections

Voter Registration Form
Absentee Application

Board of Supervisors

2023 Supervisors Contact Card
2022 Saratoga County Official Directory
2023 Standing Committees
2023 Rules of the Board
2023 Weighted Vote
Float Request Form
Freedom of Information Form
Local Laws

County Auditor

County Voucher

County Clerk


Amended Business Certificate
Amended Partnership
Business Certificate for Partners
Certificate of Conducting Business Under Assumed Name
Certificate of Discontinuance of Business
Certificate of Discontinuance of Partnership


Fee Schedule


Income Execution
Income Execution Instructions
Mechanic Lien with Affidavit
NYS Firearms Request for Public Record Exemption (opt-out form)
Request Pertaining to Military Records (Standard Form 180)
Request to File and/or Record Document(s) that Contain Social Security Number(s)
RP-5217-PDF Form & Instructions
SCAR Petition
SCAR Petition Instructions
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County Treasurer

Certificate of Residency and Requirements (revised 8/20)
City of Saratoga Springs Occupancy Tax Form
Saratoga County Occupancy Tax Form

Department of Aging and Youth

Senior Sentinel March 2020
Senior Sentinel April 2020
Home Delivered Meals March 2020
Home Delivered Meals April 2020
The Volunteer January, February & March 2020
Saratoga County Senior Clubs and Centers
Senior Housing List
OFA – Services Directory
Living Healthy Workshops

Emergency Services

Special Needs Registry Application

Human Resources

Application Fee Waiver Request and Certification Form
Exam and Employment Application
FMLA Form WH-380-E (For Employee)
FMLA Form WH-380-F (For Family Member)
Frequently Asked Questions
Renaissance Life & Health Form for Short Term Disability Filing

Mental Health

Saratoga County Adult SPOA URF
Saratoga County Youth SPOA URF

Public Defender

Public Defender Criminal Court Application Rev. Aug 2013
Public Defender Family Court Application Rev. Aug 2013

Public Works

The Department of Public Works Annual Report – 2021
Recycling Flyer (September 2021)
DPW Special Hauling Permit-Rev 03.17.2021
DPW Permit for Construction of a Driveway-Rev 03.17.2021
DPW Permit for Construction of Utilities-Rev 03.17.2021
DPW Permit for Construction-Reconstruction-Rev 03.17.2021
DPW Permit Insurance Requirements Document-Rev 03.17.2021
Interim Rules & Regulations of the Saratoga County Airport
Notice of Intent for Coverage Under a SPDES G
Saratoga County Airport Advisory
Stormwater Runoff Pollution Prevention

Real Property Tax Service Agency

Subdivision Map Filing Requirements
Subdivision Additional Notes

Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation

2014 SCCRC Budget -Amended
Governance Committee Charter
Operating Budget FY 2012
Operating Budget FY 2013
Paris Budget Reports FY 12-16
Saratoga County Council on Autism Brochure
Saratoga County CRC Audit Comm. Charter
Saratoga County CRC Bylaws
Saratoga County CRC Ethics Code
Saratoga County CRC Investment Policy
Saratoga County CRC Mission Statement
Saratoga County CRC Procurement Policy
Saratoga County CRC Property Disposition Policy
Saratoga County CRC Whistleblower Policy

Sewer District

Grinder Pump Application-Commercial
Grinder Pump Application-Residential
Lateral Permit Application-Commercial
Lateral Permit Application-Residential
Proposed 2014 Scale of Charges for Sewer District #1
Public Hearing for Proposed 2014 Scale of Charges for SD#1
Saratoga County Sewer District Rules Index
Saratoga County Sewer District1 Rules
SD 01 Requirements For Request For Review
SD 02 Request For Review Form
SD 03 Review Fees
SD 04 Require. For Request Reserve Capacity
SD 05 Request For Reserve Capacity Form
SD 06 Require. For Construct. Permits For Projects 9/19/13
SD 07 Project Construction Permit Application
SD 08 Require. For Sewer Lateral Permits (9/19/13)
SD 11 Require. For Grinder Pump Permit (9/19/13)
SD 14 Grinder Pump Application-Commercial
SD 16 Require. For Grease Trap Permit Application 9/19/13
SD 17 Grease Trap Permit Application
SD 18 Permit Fee Schedule
SD 19 SCSD Standard Specifications
SD Certificate of Insurance Sample
SD Industrial Chemical Survey Form NY-2C
SD Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Sheriff’s Office

Pistol Permits

Veterans’ Service Agency

Burial Guide Brochure
Service Connected Compensation Brochure
VA Pensions Brochure
Veterans Peer to Peer Flyer

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