William Hyde, Mayor
Marion Champagne, Village Clerk
Phyllis Keeler, Historian
Village of Galway – Located on the northwest corner of the village crossroads and facing the Village Park. The fire of 1908 started in this building. For many years the Denison Family operated a general store on this site. Today the Galway Market is located there.
Village of Galway – This watering trough was placed at the East End of the Village Park by Horace W. Carpentier. This view shows the Carpentier home and the Humpstone children with their pony. Photo courtesy of Galway Preservation Society.
Village of Galway – McChesney’s in the 1930’s, left to right Clarence McChesney, Kenneth Denison, Harold Oakes, Pete Hammond. Photo Courtesy of Galway Preservation Society.
Village of Galway – The stage in front of the Galway Hotel, 1907.Possibly Galway’s first stage line was the one to Amsterdam, the next to Schenectady via Crane Street in Charlton. This was soon replaced by the route through Charlton Village. Photo courtesy of Galway Preservation Society.
Village of Galway – Old Galway Fire Department, before 1908. The first fire equipment, which was used until 1924, consisted of a soda-acid tank on wheels and a ladder truck of the same type. The Galway Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated in 1922.
Village of Galway – Historic Parkis Mills-Galway, NY. Home of the “Parkis Prepared Pancake Flour” developed in 1920, by Edward Parkis. This is the site of the first gristmill in Galway owned by David Campbell.

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