Ballston – Patrick Ziegler – Email Patrick Ziegler 

Charlton - Alan Grattidge – Email Alan Grattidge

Clifton Park - Anita Daly – Email Anita Daly

Clifton Park - Philip Barrett – Email Philip Barrett

Corinth - Richard B. Lucia – Email Richard B. Lucia

Day - Preston Allen – Email Preston Allen

Edinburg - Jean Raymond – Email Jean Raymond

Galway - Paul Lent – Email Paul Lent

Greenfield - Paul Lunde – Email Paul Lunde

Hadley - Arthur M. Wright – Email Arthur M. Wright

Halfmoon - Kevin Tollisen – Email Kevin Tollisen

Malta - Paul Sausville – Email Paul Sausville

Mechanicville - Thomas Richardson

Milton - Daniel Lewza – Email Daniel Lewza

Moreau - Preston L Jenkins Jr. – Email Preston L Jenkins Jr.

NorthumberlandWillard Peck – Email Willard Peck

Providence - John L. Collyer – Email John L. Collyer

Saratoga -Thomas N. Wood III - Email Thomas N. Wood III

Saratoga Springs -  Peter Martin – Email Peter Martin

Saratoga Springs - Matthew Veitch – Email Mathew Veitch

Stillwater - Edward D. Kinowski – Email Edward D. Kinowski

Waterford - John E. Lawler – Email John E. Lawler

Wilton - Arthur J. Johnson – Email Arthur J. Johnson

Rules for addressing the Board of Supervisors at Regular Monthly Meetings, Special Board Meetings and Monthly Agenda Sessions

No person shall be permitted to address a Regular Board Meeting, Agenda Session or special meeting of the Board of Supervisors unless twenty-four (24) hours’ prior notice is given by phone to the Clerk of the Board or her deputy by calling 885-2240.   You will be asked to provide your name, address, phone number and the subject matter.  There is a five (5) minute time limit and you may not transfer your time to another person.  If a holiday falls on the day before the Board Meeting (Monday), then notice must be given by the Friday before by 4:00 p.m.

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