40 McMaster Street, Bldg #1
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Entrance off of Remsen Street parking lot     Driving Directions

Phone: (518) 884-4724
FAX: (518) 884-4775

M-F 9AM to 5PM


Drew Jarosh



The Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office is currently open and operating during standard business hours: Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM

We can accept Tax Payments and Certificate of Residency Applications by mail, by dropbox, and in person.

  • Please mail any business that can be conducted by mail to:

Saratoga County Treasurer
40 McMaster Street
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Business mailed to us will be considered received as of the official U.S. Postal Service postmark (Note: date stamps made by private postage systems such as Pitney Bowes are NOT official USPS postmarks.) Please do not mail cash to our offices.

  • Please also utilize our dropbox located to the immediate left our main door. Staff retrieves the contents of this dropbox every business morning. Items deposited in the dropbox will be considered received as of the time of retrieval by staff. Please do not deposit cash into our dropbox.


    • Only six customers are allowed in the office at a time. Please be prepared to wait outside if six customers are already inside.
    • The Public Records Room is closed to the public at this time. Treasurer’s Office Staff will gladly obtain any records from the Records Room for customers to use at the main counter. One public computer is available on the main counter to search digital records.
    • Customers are asked to wear masks or cloth face coverings upon entering the Treasurer’s Office.
    • Customers are encouraged to conduct as much business remotely as possible on this website, over the phone, by mail or dropbox. (see below)

Please call (518) 884-4724 or contact us using one of the links below to ask questions, schedule an appointment, or leave us a message.

> Inquire about delinquent property taxes

> Inquire about Certificates of Residence for Community Colleges


The Saratoga County Treasurer’s office receives, and is the custodian of, all money belonging to the County or in which the County has an interest. The office also maintains a true account of all receipts and expenditures for the County. This summary outlines the details of this work and the specific services provided by the office.

For more information about any of the services described below, or if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcomed and encouraged to call the Treasurer’s Office at (518) 884-4724.

The goal of the Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office is to provide service and information to the general public, outside agencies, the County Administrator and other County departments.



Property Tax Services for the Public:

  • Payment of Village and School Taxes prior to relevy
  • Certified tax verifications and tax searches
  • Same-day Service for various tax requests including outstanding taxes owed
  • Send out courtesy notices to delinquent tax-payers

Other Services for the Public:

  • Certificates of Residency for Saratoga County Residents attending Community Colleges in New York. This certificate allows students to pay college tuition at the resident rate, rather than the out-of-state rate, which is generally three times as much.

Specialized Tax Services for Abstractors:

  • View and print delinquent tax statements
  • Access to the IQS System to digitally view actual tax rolls from 2004 to the present

As a part of Saratoga County’s Fiscal Management Team, the Treasurer’s office plays a key role in ensuring the public’s tax dollars are monitored and used with the greatest of care. The office fulfills this role through responsible cash management, maintaining the funds collected by County departments and reporting the pertinent information to the County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator, and the New York State Comptroller.

Cash Management :

  • Collecting County Revenue
  • Investing County funds
  • Disbursing County Expenses

Maintaining the County’s 25 bank accounts with activities such as:

  • Daily Cash Transfers, stop-payments and account balance confirmation
  • Check register management
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Process payments to the County’s vendors, including daily Disbursement vendor payments.
  • Review and record collateral adjustments held by 3rd party banks

Additional Services:

  • Acceptance of retiree monthly health insurance payments
  • Administration of County payroll
  • Collection of court imposed fines, surcharges and bail
  • Provides real property tax information to County taxpayers, local governments, banks and attorneys
  • Addresses general financial issues affecting the county
  • Develops and issues the County’s annual financial statements
  • Oversees the issuance and payment of the county debt
  • Collection and regulation of the County’s occupancy tax
  • Serves as legal custodian of court and trust funds
  • Serves as trustee for cemetery lots
  • Serves as administrator for estates of County residents when called upon by Surrogates Court


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