Roger J. Schiera, Commissioner (R) – Email

  William Fruci, Commissioner (D) – Email

  John Marcellus, Deputy Commissioner (R)  – Email

  Cassandra Bagramian, Deputy Commissioner (D) Email

                  Phone: (518) 885-2249      Fax: (518) 884-4751

                  Address: 50 W. High St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

                  Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


Department Description

The Saratoga County Board of Elections is a bipartisan department vested with the responsibility for administration of elections in Saratoga County.  In addition to administrative duties, the Board is charged with the preservation of citizen confidence in the democratic process and enhancement of voter participation.



If you are an experienced Election Inspector and interested in being an Early Voting Inspector, please contact us.

Voter Registration Form and Absentee Application

2019 Election Information

General Election: Tuesday, November 5th, 6am – 9pm

Sample Ballots

Ballston Sample Ballot               Mechanicville Sample Ballot

Charlton Sample Ballot              Milton Sample Ballot

Clifton Park Sample Ballot        Moreau Sample Ballot

Corinth Sample Ballot                Northumberland Sample Ballot

Day Sample Ballot                       Providence Sample Ballot

Edinburg Sample Ballot             Saratoga Sample Ballot

Galway Sample Ballot                 Saratoga Springs Sample Ballot

Greenfield Sample Ballot           Stillwater Sample Ballot

Hadley Sample Ballot                  Stillwater Village Sample Ballot

Halfmoon Sample Ballot            Waterford Sample Ballot

Malta Sample Ballot                    Wilton Sample Ballot

What’s New?

  • Starting with the 2019 General Election, all counties will begin using Electronic Poll Books.  You will now sign-in on an iPad instead of the paper poll book.
  • Party changes now take effect immediately through February 14th.  Changes submitted to the Board of Elections between February 14th and the June Primary Election will not take effect until after the June Primary.

Other Resources:

Polling Place Information

Enrollment Information

Election Inspector Information

Due to changes in the Political Calendar, the Board of Elections will be training Election Inspectors beginning in August.  If you would like to join our Inspector team, please contact our office at (518) 885-2249 or click the link below and submit the form to us.

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