In response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and with the wellbeing of patients and staff in mind, the Saratoga County Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services will be conducting both onsite and telehealth therapy appointments while following social distancing guidelines. All clients and visitors must wear a mask while onsite and will be screened upon entry. We appreciate your patience and the opportunity to serve you.
For more information please call (518) 584-9030



Commissioner: Michael Prezioso, PHD Email

Phone: (518) 584-9030
FAX: (518) 581-1709

135 South Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

depticon2Department Description

The mission of Saratoga County Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services is to provide outpatient mental health and alcohol/drug treatment services that are accessible and responsive to the needs of persons suffering from mental illness and/or alcohol/drug problems, their families, and the community.  These services will assist them in living, whenever possible within the community in ways that are acceptable to the community and that are personally satisfying and productive.  Services are provided regardless of age, race, color, sex, marital status, ethnicity, national origin, creed, or sexual orientation.


  1. To provide treatment for individuals suffering from serious mental illness and alcohol/drug abuse;
  2. To protect both the public and individuals from the manifestations and consequences of mental illness and from the impairments related to alcohol/drug abuse;
  3. To be responsible stewards of limited public resources.

Mental Health Clinic:  The Saratoga County Mental Health Clinic provides outpatient treatment designed to reduce symptoms of mental illness and emotional disturbance, to improve daily functioning, and to provide ongoing support.  Services includes emergency and crisis intervention, screening and referral, individual, family, and group counseling, medication education and management, and symptom management.  In addition to the main clinic in Saratoga Springs, the Clinic maintains a satellite in Mechanicville.

Youth Services provides treatment for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children and adolescents up to the age of eighteen, who, together with their parents, often require intensive interventions.  Youth Services provides community-oriented consultative activities in conjunction with community-based interventions.

Adult Services provides treatment for mentally ill adults, particularly those who are seriously and persistently mentally ill.  For the seriously and persistently mentally ill, a long-term disease management approach to medication management and supportive therapy is utilized.

Saratoga County Mental Health Clinic: (518) 584-9030

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services:  Saratoga County PROS operating as Reflections PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Service) is a comprehensive, individualized, recovery based program that offers rehabilitation, support, and treatment services under one roof. Reflections PROS serves adults (over 18) with a mental illness diagnosis who have a functional disability that interferes with their ability to live a fulfilling life. The purpose of PROS is to help participants take control of their own lives by teaching the skills necessary to overcome the mental, emotional, behavioral, and social barriers resulting from mental illness and addiction  and to effectively negotiate life’s challenges . PROS services are person-centered and include group and individual sessions, family education and support, as well as vocational services and supports for participants who are interested in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in the community.

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services: (518) 885-4521

Alcohol and Drug Program: Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services is a medically supervised outpatient program providing treatment for individuals suffering from an alcohol and/or drug program and for family members trying to copy with the presence of alcohol or drug problems within the family.  Treatment is designed to promote abstinence, to improve community integration, and to improve daily functions.  Services include: Screening, referral, assessment, and individual and group counseling.

 Saratoga County Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services: (518) 587-8800

Saratoga County Single Point of Access (SPOA) :  The New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS OMH) charged local governments during the 2000—2001 fiscal year with developing local SPOA Committees designed to prioritize and facilitate clinically appropriate referrals for the highest risk adults, children and families and reducing out-of-home placements for children. This effort between NYS OMH and local governments, in the spirit of collaboration, strives to move towards a more responsive, accountable, and coordinated service delivery system in our community. Saratoga County Mental Health Center operates the Adult and Youth SPOA Coordination in Saratoga County.

Saratoga County Youth SPOA is designed to identify, screen and connect Care Coordination and Wraparound Services for youth diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance (SED) who are at risk and/or with history of hospitalization or out-of-home placement, with multi-system involvement or needs, with substantial functional impairments and/or psychiatric symptoms and an unsuccessful history of mental health treatment. The primary goals of Youth SPOA include maintaining high-risk/high-need children in the community with their families and increasing access to community-based services.  When a high-need/high-risk youth has been identified as appropriate for more intensive services than he/she is currently receiving, the SPOA Referral should be completed for access to this level of service in Saratoga County.

Saratoga County Adult SPOA expedites access to care management and residential services for adults diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness (ages 18+) who require these intensive services in order to remain healthy and stable in the community. The Adult SPOA process provides for the identification of individuals most in need of services and manages service access and utilization. When a high-need/high-risk adult has been identified as appropriate for more intensive services than he/she is currently receiving, the SPOA Referral should be completed for access to this level of service in Saratoga County.

Saratoga County Single Point of Access (SPOA) :  (518) 584-9030

Community Services Board: Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Due to COVID-19, our meetings are being held via Zoom.  Meeting dates are subject to change. Please contact the Confidential Secretary at 518-584-9030 to obtain the Zoom link.

Contact the Community Services Board via email at Email

2021 Community Services Board Membership
Edmond Amyot, M.D., Chair
Amy Hughes, Vice Chair
Joseph W. Carr
Katie Lewis, Ph.D.
Rudolph J. Stutzman
Maureen Lewsey
James Colamaria
Erin Christopher-Sisk, Ph.D.
Lillian McCarthy
Daniel Morley
Paul Morcone

Click here for CSB meeting dates and times.
Click here for CSB meeting minutes.
Click here for the Saratoga County Online Directory of Community Resources.


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Emotional Support Helpline: 1-844-863-9314

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