Coroner’s Office
Saratoga County has two elected Coroners and four Deputy Coroners who are on-call twenty four hours a day, year round for the purpose of death investigations. Those are deaths that do not occur in the presence of a Physician and for those who are not under Hospice Care. They investigate deaths that may be considered  unattended, suspicious, accidental, deaths resulting from unusual circumstances or from possible criminal acts.

All work of the Coroner’s Office is performed in accordance with recognized procedures established by the NYS Department of Health and Vital Statistics.

The Coroner’s work closely in the death investigation process as an independent and objective part of the investigatory process and work in consort with Law Enforcement. This coordinated effort involves all Local Police, County Sheriff’s, NYS State Police, NYS Police Forensic Identification Unit and the County District Attorney’s Office in making a determination into the cause of death. They also work in conjunction with the Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services in dealing with Mass Casualty Incidents which may result in multiple casualties.

Families of the deceased are counseled by the Coroner’s who act as advocates for the family and assist in guiding them with the process and coordinate with the funeral home of the families choice. As a resource, the Coroner’s can furnish the families of the deceased with information regarding support services to assist the survivors in dealing with their grieving process and after care.


Contact Us
Coroner, Susan Hayes-Masa
CST, C.E.B.T, NYSACCME Accredited
(518) 693-2420 – Email

Coroner, David DeCelle
(518) 703-5436 – Email

Deputy Coroner, Anthony J. Perniciaro
Deputy Coroner, Eugene M. LaDue
Deputy Coroner, Rob Ball
Deputy Coroner, Danielle Jourdan

(518) 885-5381 Ext. 4309
Hours: Available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week
On call as needed

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