Tire Recycling
The Saratoga County Soil & Water Conservation District is planning a Spring 2025 Tire Recycling Program. Please check back for more information as the new year approaches.

Saratoga County Soil and Water Conservation District is working to support a program that offers grant funding for homeowners near the Dwaas Kill Watershed area (Clifton Park and Halfmoon). If you meet the program criteria and choose to participate, New York State will provide funds to reimburse eligible homeowners for a portion of the cost of replacing failing septic systems and installing more environmentally effective systems. A definitive amount of money has been allocated for this program. Grant funds will be made available to participants until all funds are exhausted. The Town will provide direct support to you and program partners through the process.

Eligible property owners can be reimbursed up to 50 percent of eligible costs not to exceed $10,000. The program will be administered by our project partner, Saratoga County Soil and Water Conservation District. If you have any questions or require additional program information, please contact the Saratoga County Soil and Water Conservation District Staff at 518-885-6900.

Letter from the Halfmoon Supervisor

Septic Grant Information & Application

Caring for Your Septic System Information

Consider converting an area of your yard to wildflowers to help your protect favorite butterflies, birds, bees, and more! Due to many factors, the pollinator populations in New York are on the decline. Be it habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, overuse of pesticides or any number of other reasons, this is something to be concerned about. By converting some of your mowed lawn to wildflowers, you will provide habitat and connectivity around the county to bolster pollinator populations. This can help increase fruit tree productivity, growth of both flower and vegetable gardens, and other wildflowers found in the area.

Participants will be provided with the following:
•Our specially selected wildflower seed mix
•Site specific recommendations for the best growth results!
•Participants are provided with these resources at no cost.

What are the requirements?
•Provide 100 to 500 sqft of yard space and maintain it as a wildflower plot for 3 years.
•The planting location must be within Saratoga County, NY
•Share one image of your wildflower plot with us!

Can I get guidance for selecting an area?
•Absolutely! On our site visit, we can help you select an area and make sizing recommendations for the plot.

Sign-up for the Saratoga County Pledge a Plot for Pollinators Program.