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Tree & Shrub
Each spring, the District offers a tree and shrub seedling sale in April to interested landowners throughout Saratoga County. We coordinate this program so landowners can take advantage of our bulk buying to, reduce erosion, support wildlife and improve the landscape around their property.

Buying young bare root seedlings is a small investment that can:
• Provide beneficial habitat for wildlife
• Encourage pollinators such as hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and more!
• Help stabilize and reduce soil erosion
• Improve water quality in Saratoga County
• Beautify areas in the community and much more!

Beyond the tree and shrub seedlings; bluebird and bat boxes, wildflower seed mixes and conservation grass seed mixes are also made available for purchase.

Fish Stocking
Each spring, the District offers a fish stocking sale in May. A variety of recreational fish are offered for pre-order at a reasonable cost to landowners looking to stock their ponds. We also stock grass carp which can be used to control weed growth in a pond.

Permits to stock your pond are required and available through the DEC. Grass carp require an additional permit which need to be presented at the time of pick-up.

Wildlife Boxes
We offer bluebird boxes and bat houses year-round to enhance Saratoga Counties wildlife habitat.
• Bluebirds – Loss of nesting habitat has greatly increased for native cavity nesting birds like Eastern Bluebirds.
• Bats – Mounting a bat roosting box is a great way to control insects in your area without pesticides. Little Brown Bats – the most common bat in New York, can eat thousands of insects in one night! Just like bird houses, you can also mount a bat box to attract bats to your area.