Election Inspectors are a critical part of America’s democracy. While each Board of Elections has some full time staff, election day requires significantly more resources. If you can, please consider signing up to be an election inspector, and become part of the backbone of American elections.
If you are interested in becoming an election inspector, please call our office at (518) 885-2249 or email us for more information. For every election, each party must have up to two inspectors assigned to each election district. Inspectors for both parties must also be present for a Primary Election, regardless of the party holding the election. Registered voters who are not members of any party are still eligible to be election inspectors.

Click here to view our YouTube channel. While there are no training videos for 2024, it contains all previous videos, including our small bites series in case you are looking for a refresher on a specific topic. If you’re a new or experienced inspector who wants help with a specific topic, please let us know. With our new small bites series of videos, we’re looking to create more and more quick reference videos specific to you and your needs!

Read the Election Inspector Sign-Up Form for more details!