The Saratoga County Department of Aging and Youth Services is accepting funding requests from eligible programs that provide Youth Team Sports (YTS) in Saratoga County. The funding supports youth development through team sports programs.

Download the Universal Application for Youth Team Sports.

The Youth Team Sports Program aims to enhance youth sports programs that support the health and well-being of children and youth. Sports play a big role in the lives of young people by promoting positive social, emotional, health and educational outcomes. Participation in sports teaches teamwork and leadership while fostering supportive relationships with other youth and positive adults.
Eligible entities include community-based organizations and nonprofits. Grants can be spent on team sports or team sports infrastructure. Schools and units of Government are not eligible to apply.
Applications must be received by December 29, 2023.
A “team sport” is defined as an organized physical activity in which groups of two or more individuals are in competition with two or more opposing individuals. Sporting activities where individuals engage in competition on behalf of an organized group (such as singles tennis, team golf, or racing sports such as swimming or skiing) are included in this definition. This may include educational instruction necessary to prepare youth to participate in team sports.
The County has a total of $111,278 available for eligible youth sports teams with individual grants of up to $50,000 available.
The Department of Aging and Youth Services will review and evaluate each proposal for cost-effectiveness, impact, and measurable outcomes. They will also look to ensure each project serves a large cross-section of youth from different age groups and geographic areas in Saratoga County.
Youth Team Sports funding awards are guided by the following principles:
• Educational Connection and Achievement
• Physical Health and Well-Being
• Mental Health and Well-Being
• Employment
• Community Cohesion
Funding decisions and awards will be based on New York State guidelines.
No. A new fund was created under New York State Office of Children and Family Services in the state fiscal year 2023-2024 budget to provide awards to support youth team sports programs for underserved youth under age 18. Repeat funding from the State is not guaranteed.