Planning Board Mission here
The primary duty of the Saratoga County Planning Department is assisting the county’s 19 towns, 2 cities, and 9 villages in the administration of their land-use ordinances as effectively as possible.  The Planning Department and Planning Board always strive to strike a balance between the interests of the public and the rights of private property owners.  One of its primary roles is to provide technical assistance in the area of planning and zoning to local legislative boards, planning and zoning boards of appeals and building inspectors, attorneys and planners involved in the land development process.

Saratoga County Planning Board
New York State General Municipal Law Article B, Sections 239-m and 239-n require municipal boards to refer certain planning actions to the County Planning Board for review before taking final action. The purposes of these laws are to encourage local decision-makers to consider the countywide and inter-municipal impacts of their local land use decisions.
Board Members
Tom L. Lewis, Chairman
Devin Dal Pos
Donald McPherson
Ian Murray
Marcia E. Murray
Edwin Vopelak
Cynthia Young

Reports & Publications

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