Under General Municipal Law Section 239, the county planning board has jurisdictional review of subdivisions and zoning actions that are located within 500 feet of state or county right-of-way, municipal boundary, or located in an agricultural district.  In its review the county planning board must, by law, consider the compatibility of various land uses with one another; the effect of traffic generation on other land uses; the adequacy of existing and proposed thoroughfare facilities; impact of proposed land uses on existing and proposed private or municipal uses.  The protection of community appearance and character, as regards to predominant land uses, population density, and the relation between residential and non-residential areas is also considered.  Another important responsibility is the review of official development policies as may be expressed through comprehensive plans, capital programs, or regulatory measures.

• Adoption or amendment of a comprehensive plan
• Adoption of amendment of a zoning ordinance or law
• Issuance of special use permits
• Approval of site places
• Granting of use or area variances
• Proposed subdivision plats
• Moratoria
• Other authorization which a referring body may issue under the provisions of any zoning ordinance or local law

A proposed action is subject to review if the real property is within 500 feet of the following:
• The boundary of any city, village or town.
• The boundary of any existing or proposed county or state park or any other recreation area.
• The right-of-way of any existing or proposed county or state parkway, thruway, expressway, road, or highway.
• The existing of proposed right-of-way of any stream or drainage channel owned by the county or for which the county has established channel lines.
• The existing or proposed boundary of any county or state owned land on which a public building or institution is situated.
• The boundary of a farm operation located in an agricultural district, as defined by Article 25-AA of Agriculture and Markets Law.

The Saratoga County Planning Board meets on the third Thursday of every month. Please contact the County Planning Department with any questions you may have regarding referrals.
Saratoga County Planning Board 239 Referral Form
Agricultural Data Statement and Control Form
2022 Saratoga County Planning Board Meeting Schedule and Submittal Cut-Offs

Saratoga County and its communities have invested in planning — and have reaped the rewards — from historic downtown revitalization in Saratoga Springs to economic development fostered by the county’s wastewater collection and treatment system to current initiatives toward creating the Luther Forest Technology Campus. By investing in highways, water systems, and the like; the “grey infrastructure,” county residents and businesses set the stage for the growth of income and employment. And, like our ancestors who set up our system of national and state parks, county residents and leaders recognize the importance of conservation of our natural and cultural resources. By protecting our working farmlands and natural resources now, we can ensure the character of the county, the sense of place, will be part of our economic prospect for current and future generations.

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