Job Postings
Career Centers link directly to thousands of people with a wide variety of skills and abilities that meet your job requirements. Post your job openings with the NYS Job Link, and qualified candidates throughout the three counties will see them.

Training Funding Opportunities
We can help you research the availability of training grants designed to upgrade the skills of your workers. By keeping your employee’s skills up-to-date, your firm will gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Job Fairs/Recruiting
The Career Centers regularly hold job fairs and recruiting events to connect employers with qualified candidates. Contact us to reserve a spot in our job fairs and for recruitments or interview space.

Incentive Programs
Get information on tax credits and wage subsidies for hiring job seekers from selected target groups or for expanding in economic development zones. We’ll help you to understand government programs available for workforce expansion and training.

Labor Market Information/Business Statistics
One-Stop Centers can offer you comprehensive labor market information including: training and workforce preparation programs, industry trends, population characteristics, and prevailing wages.

Apprentice Program Certification
Our staff can provide you with apprenticeship program information. State-supported, certified apprenticeship programs improve morale, create a better working atmosphere and encourage leadership while ensuring employees learn to do their jobs safely and properly.

Affirmative Action/EEO Guidance
State Labor Department staff stationed in our office will assist you in developing and maintain an affirmative action program, promoting equal opportunity and ensuring nondiscriminatory policies and practices in your everyday business operations.

Layoff/Transition Assistance
Career Centers offer businesses help when they face downsizing and layoffs. The Rapid Response Program offers a variety of services designed to assist both employers and their workers through these transitions.