You can renew your driver’s license at one of our 3 convenient Saratoga County DMV locations in Ballston Spa, Clifton Park or Wilton. Renewing here means 12.7% of your transaction fee stays here in Saratoga County which means more revenue in county services to better serve you!

*New 24 hour drop box for registration renewals now available at our Wilton Mall location and coming soon to Ballston Spa and Clifton Park.

A driver license renewal can be done IMMEDIATELY by visiting one of our three Saratoga County DMV offices in Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, or Wilton, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:45pm. For extended hours and directions click here.

Before leaving your local DMV office they will issue you a temporary license to use until your new one is received in the mail. Your new license will arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks.

DMV must be notified within 10 days of the move. You may do this by coming into our office, calling (518)885-2227 ext. 3760 or by completing a change of address form (form MV-232).

Name change must be done in our office. Please bring ID and the court marriage or divorce papers as proof of name change. There will be a fee of $12.50 to receive a new license with the updated name. There is no fee for a new registration document for a current registration, however current registration and title must be submitted.

You can find the NYS Driver’s Manual and Form under Additional Forms/Information. You must be at least 16 years of age and show proof of identity (at least 6 points, must include date of birth- please see Proof of Identity- Permit, Driver License and Non-Driver ID) and your social security card. You may receive your permit after passing the written and vision tests and paying the application & driver’s license fees.

An appointment is not necessary. Written exams are available for Learner’s Permits, CDL’s and Endorsements. These tests are conducted Monday through Friday at all Saratoga County DMV locations; times may vary. Please see our Testing Schedule to find the right location and time for you.

Visit one of our three convenient locations in Ballston Spa, Clifton Park or Wilton and bring the following with you:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Identity and Date of Birth
  • Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statements (if previously owned)
  • NYS Insurance Identification Card
  • Form MV-82
  • Proof of Sales Tax Payment, Sales Tax Exemption or Purchase Price

Boat: All boats that are powered by a motor and are operated on public waterways must be registered. This also includes boats in which the motor is not the primary means of propulsion. Please complete form MV-82-B and form DTF-802.

Snowmobile: Each snowmobile must be registered UNLESS it is exclusively used on the owner’s private property or on such property that the snowmobile’s owner has a contractual right to use. Please complete form MV-82SN and form DTF-802.

ATV: Any ATV driven anywhere in New York State, even solely on private property, must be registered (except use for agricultural purposes or not-for-hire snowplowing). They may be operated on public lands posted for ATV use and private property ONLY with the landowner’s permission. Please complete form MV-82 and form DTF-802.

If you are without insurance coverage and do not immediately surrender your plates to DMV, your license and registration will be suspended indefinitely.

A motor vehicle registered in NYS must have a minimum coverage of $25,000/$50,000 for injury, $50,000/$100,000 for death, and $10,000 for property damage from any one accident. NYS is a no-fault state.

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, checks and money orders. Sorry, but we are not able to split payments.

In NYS, a military license is automatically extended if you are on active military duty and will not expire during your active service. In addition, your license is extended for a period of up to six months after your military service discharge. Please complete form MV-75 in order to inform the DMV to update your driver record.

Yes. An out-of-state driver’s license or Canadian driver’s license may be exchanged for a NYS driver’s license if said license includes your photograph, is not suspended or revoked, and the driver’s license has:

  • Been valid for a minimum of 6 months, OR
  • Has not expired in the past 12 months, OR
  • Is a valid CDL and has been valid for any length of time

Each disabled person may have one set of vehicle plates. To receive vehicle plates, said vehicle must be registered in the name of disabled person.

  • Provide proof of your disability; form MV-664.1 or statement from healthcare provider (must describe disabling condition and verify that the disability qualifies according to law).
  • Bring your current vehicle plates to surrender
  • Show proof of identity
  • Complete application form and pay fee of $18




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