Below are frequently asked questions and answers for transactions conducted at Saratoga County DMV. If you do not see your question below, please search the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles database of frequently asked questions.

Appointment Questions

Most services at all Saratoga County DMV locations require an appointment. Walk-in service is available for plate surrenders, registration renewals*, and E-Z Pass purchases only between the hours of 9:30A.M. to 11:30A.M. and 1:30P.M. to 4:30P.M.

*If your registration is expired more than one year, you must make an appointment. Limit 2 registration renewals during a walk-in visit. If you have more than two registration renewals, you must drop them off and we will call you when they are ready for pick up. Drop off service is not available for plate surrenders at this time.

Appointments are available for license renewals, license upgrades (REAL ID/EDL), out of state license transfers, license amendments, non-driver IDs, class D and CDL permit tests, new registrations, registration amendments, plate transfers, duplicate licenses, registrations or titles, as well as transactions regarding license enforcement issues and suspensions. Walk in service is available for E-Z Pass purchases, plate surrenders and registration renewals (limit 2; must be valid or expired for less than one year). You may also add an E-Z Pass purchase to any transaction.

Yes. All paperwork must be completed before you visit a DMV office. You can download forms on the forms page.

Forms are available at each office for pick up during business hours without an appointment; they are located at the entrance/vestibule. You may choose to come ten minutes prior to your appointment to complete your forms, however, you may be required to leave the office to fill out the forms and check in once they are complete so we may adhere to social distancing protocols.

Due to time constraints and to comply with COVID19 social distancing protocols, we can only guarantee service for the transaction for which you made your appointment. If you have multiple transactions, you must make an appointment for each transaction.

If you would like to complete more than one transaction during your visit, please make an appointment for each transaction type as close as possible to your original appointment. Doing so will ensure we have enough time to process your transactions during your visit, while also allotting enough time to provide service to our other customers throughout the day.

You can cancel your appointment at any time using the link provided in your confirmation email or reminder email.

If you don’t see a confirmation email from Saratoga County DMV, please check your spam or junk folder or check your email provider settings.

We are aware that some customers are not receiving confirmation emails and we are working to address the issue.  If you see the “thank you for booking” page after scheduling your appointment, this is a confirmation that your appointment is in the system. We recommend that you write down your appointment information and take a screen shot of the “thank you for booking” confirmation screen until this issue is resolved.

Our offices follow New York State guidelines for mask use and social distancing.

You must bring your completed paperwork with you to your appointment.

You may cancel your appointment using the cancellation link in your confirmation or reminder emails and make a new appointment using our appointment calendars. However, we cannot change the appointment time outside of the set times available for each transaction type. Appointment times vary based on the type of service provided and are determined according to typical processing times for each transaction so we may provide services as efficiently as possible to all of our customers.

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, checks and money orders. Sorry, but we are not able to split payments.


License & Non-Driver ID Questions

A driver license renewal can be processed immediately by visiting one of our three Saratoga County DMV offices in Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, or Wilton. Please note we are currently open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. For directions click here.

Before leaving your local DMV office they will issue you a temporary license to use until your new one is received in the mail. Your new license will arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks.

A license upgrade is when you change your Standard license to a REAL ID or Enhanced Driver License. Please visit our License/Permit/ID page for information about what forms of identification you need to upgrade.

Yes, you can upgrade a Standard Non-Driver ID card to a REAL ID compliant document. Please visit our License/Permit/ID page for information about what forms of identification you need to upgrade.

May 3, 2023. For more information about REAL ID and federally accepted forms of REAL ID, please see our brochure, Is REAL ID For Me?, located on our forms page.

Enhanced features:

  • Costs an additional $30. This is in addition to regular transaction fees.
  • Federal REAL ID compliant
  • Shows your full legal name
  • Shows your residential address
  • Has an American Flag displayed on the document
  • Can be used to board a domestic flight
  • Can be used to enter a federal building or military base
  • Can be used for photo identification purposes
  • Can be used to cross a U.S. border by land or water to/from Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean countries

REAL ID features:

  • No additional cost. Regular transaction fees do apply.
  • Federal REAL ID compliant
  • Shows your full legal name
  • Shows your residential address
  • Has a star displayed on the document
  • Can be used to board a domestic flight
  • Can be used to enter a federal building or military base
  • Can be used for photo identification purposes

Standard features:

  • Can be used to board a domestic flight only until October 1, 2021
  • Is not Federal REAL ID compliant
  • No additional cost. Regular transaction fees apply.
  • Shows your mailing address
  • Has “not for federal purposes” displayed on the document

Please see our “License/Permit/ID card” page for information about how to get one of these documents.

An out-of-state driver’s license or Canadian driver’s license may be exchanged for a NYS driver’s license if said license includes your photograph, is not suspended or revoked, and the driver’s license has:

  • Been valid for a minimum of 6 months, OR
  • Has not expired in the past 12 months, OR
  • Is a valid CDL and has been valid for any length of time

You will need to visit a DMV office to transfer your out of state license to a NYS license. During your visit you will need to:

You can find the NYS Driver’s Manual and Form under Additional Forms/Information. You must be at least 16 years of age and show proof of identity (at least 6 points, must include date of birth- please see Proof of Identity- Permit, Driver License and Non-Driver ID) and your social security card (if applicable). You may receive your permit after passing the written and vision tests and paying the application & driver’s license fees.

Yes. Appointments are available for written exams for Learner’s Permits, CDL’s and Endorsements, Monday through Friday, at all Saratoga County DMV locations during set appointment times. Please make an appointment online here.

In NYS, a military license is automatically extended if you are on active military duty and will not expire during your active service. In addition, your license is extended for a period of up to six months after your military service discharge. Please complete form MV-75 in order to inform the DMV to update your driver record.

Please visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website for information regarding license suspensions and revocations.

For information about how to request restoration after a revocation, click here. (NYS DMV website)

For information about how to pay a suspension termination fee, click here. (NYS DMV website)


Registration, Title & License Plate Questions

Visit one of our three convenient locations in Ballston Spa, Clifton Park or Wilton and bring the following with you:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Identity and Date of Birth
  • Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statements (if previously owned)
  • NYS Insurance Identification Card
  • Form MV-82
  • Proof of Sales Tax Payment, Sales Tax Exemption or Purchase Price

Boat: All boats that are powered by a motor and are operated on public waterways must be registered. This also includes boats in which the motor is not the primary means of propulsion. Please complete form MV-82-B and form DTF-802.

Snowmobile: Each snowmobile must be registered UNLESS it is exclusively used on the owner’s private property or on such property that the snowmobile’s owner has a contractual right to use. Please complete form MV-82SN and form DTF-802.

ATV: Any ATV driven anywhere in New York State, even solely on private property, must be registered (except use for agricultural purposes or not-for-hire snowplowing). They may be operated on public lands posted for ATV use and private property ONLY with the landowner’s permission. Please complete form MV-82 and form DTF-802.

Yes, you can register a vehicle for someone else. You must show your ID and bring a photocopy or original ID/license of the registrant. The registrant must sign all forms.  Please see the NYS DMV website for more information.

Each disabled person may have one set of vehicle plates. To receive vehicle plates, said vehicle must be registered in the name of disabled person.

  • Provide proof of your disability; form MV-664.1 or statement from healthcare provider (must describe disabling condition and verify that the disability qualifies according to law).
  • Bring your current vehicle plates to surrender
  • Show proof of identity
  • Complete application form and pay fee of $18

Transferring the registration for a gifted vehicle is considered a new registration transaction. You will need to follow the instructions for registering a vehicle for the first time. Additionally, the gift giver must fill out section 6 of the DTF-802 (with certain exceptions listed on the form) and the Title document must be completed by the gift giver. 

Yes. If you are without insurance coverage and do not immediately surrender your plates to DMV, your license and registration will be suspended indefinitely.

You can turn in your plates to a Saratoga County DMV Office without an appointment. You will need to bring your plates to the office (please ensure no fasteners or frames are attached), remove and destroy the stickers from the vehicle, complete and bring the plate surrender form, and pay one dollar. During your visit, you will receive a receipt for insurance purposes.  Please note there is no drop off service available; you must wait in line for your receipt.

If your plates are peeling, you can get a replacement set at no charge. If the plates show damage from natural use, fading, chips or crash damage, you must pay to replace them. If you wish to keep your same number, you will be charged a $20 fee and must contact the NYS DMV Custom Plates Unit to conduct this transaction. For more information about peeling plates, please see the NYS DMV website. To make an appointment at a Saratoga County DMV location, please visit our Make an Appointment page and select “New Registration or Plate Transfer.”


Questions Regarding Other DMV Issues & Services

Name change must be done in our office. Please bring ID and the court marriage or divorce papers as proof of name change. There will be a fee of $12.50 to receive a new license with the updated name. There is no fee for a new registration document for a current registration, however current registration and title must be submitted.

DMV must be notified within 10 days of the move. You may do this by completing a change of address form (form MV-232) and submitting it by mail or in person with an appointment.

A motor vehicle registered in NYS must have a minimum coverage of $25,000/$50,000 for injury, $50,000/$100,000 for death, and $10,000 for property damage from any one accident. NYS is a no-fault state.

You can make an appointment to pay a civil penalty or suspension fee at a Saratoga County DMV office. Please choose the “license issues and suspensions” selection when booking your appointment.

Information about civil penalties or suspensions, is available on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Please visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website for information regarding tickets, points and penalties.

To book an appointment to pay a civil penalty or suspension fee, please choose the “license issues or suspensions” selection when booking your appointment with Saratoga County DMV.


Don’t see your question?  Please search the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles database of frequently asked questions.

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