Town of Charlton – Children in Charlton attended one-room schools located so no child had to walk more than a mile to school. Photo courtesy of Dorothy Mitchell, daughter of Guy Smith.
Town of Charlton – Betty Clough, right front, 5th grade. Her report card was almost all A’s, just a few B’s. There were ten subjects: reading, spelling, English, arithmetic, geography, history, writing, drawing, physiology, and nature study. The teacher was Helen G. Robinson. Postcard from scrapbook of Betty Clough, courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Robert VanVranken.
Town of Charlton – The Harmony Busy Bees was a homemaking club for girls led by Eva Armer. Harmony Corners 4-H Club was a club for boys led by James Arnold. The two clubs were organized in Charlton in 1930, as part of the Saratoga County 4-H Club Association. Photo from Dorothy Garrison, thanks to Joyce Riedinger.
Town of Charlton – The Charlton School District #2 one-room school and schoolyard were on the north side of West Charlton Cemetery in the Scotch Street hamlet. Since then the schoolhouse was moved across the street and the graveyard extended into the schoolyard. Photo from collection of Winifred Palmateer, thanks to Joyce Riedinger.
Town of Charlton – Charlton School District #3, Holbrook One Room School, c. 1930. From top left: Emily Holbrook, Clarice Palmateer, Russell Bunyan, James Gifford, Margaret Palmateer, Hilda Laird, Marguerite Bunyan, Clifford Palmateer, Richard Proctor, Paul Palmateer, Billy Smith, Frank Holbrook. Teacher was Marion D. McConchie. Photo from collection of Winifred Palmateer, thanks to Joyce Riedinger.
Town of Charlton – Sunday School Class in front of Charlton Academy, Charlton Freehold Presbyterian Church, c. 1933. The class met Sundays after church. From left: Isabelle Holbrook, Dorothy Conde, Alberta LaRue, Amy Robinson, Marion Holbrook, Lucy Murray, Hilda McFee, Betty Jackson, Beatrice Plummer and Edna Litts. Back right: Helen Ketchum, teacher. Photo from collection of Alberta LaRue Vincent, thanks to Joyce Riedinger.