Town of Clifton Park – Store, Vischer Ferry, c. 1955. Even before modern malls existed, kids would “hang out” at stores. The general store was operated by the Olsen family until about 1969. It has since been restored and is now a tack shop. Ordie Shippee and his father operated the store from 1914 to 1947. Ordie recalled that there were hardly any packaged goods, and that he often accepted goods in trade rather than money.
Town of Clifton Park – District School No. 6, northeast corner of Vischer Ferry and Clifton Park Center Roads, 1942. From left to right are: Tom Klingbeil, ? Crowley, Alice Millington, unknown, Keith Peck, ? Crowley, Don Berthiaume, and three other unidentified students. The students made the quilt to send to a soldier in World War II. The school was near the site of the present town hall.
Town of Clifton Park – Repairing Route 146, Rexford, c. 1915. A road crew fixes the road near the Nathan Garnsey (DeLong) House on Route 146. Note the jackets flung over the fence.
Town of Clifton Park – Firemen in front of the Horstman Barn, MacElroy Road, Jonesville, c. 1940. From left to right, in front of Jonesville’s first fire truck (a 1922 American LaFrance) are: (standing) unknown, unknown, Roland Hubbs, Dan Mead, Al Knorowski, Chief Kenny Noyes, unknown, unknown. Douglas MacElroy, and unknown. The Jonesville Fire Department was formed in 1919.
Town of Clifton Park – Rexford Amusement Park, Rexford, Sept. 1926. These ladies riding the whip are enjoying the concessionaire’s clambake. Looking east over the whip, from left to right we can see: Spill the Milk; the Hall of Mirrors; and the aerial swing in its new location in the corner of the park, on the river bluff. The amusement park opened in 1906 as Luna Park; after Fred Dolle acquired it in 1911, the name was changed to Dolle’s Park. In 1916 the park came under new management as Rexford Park. It closed after the 1933 season. The park was located on the river, just west of the Village of Rexford.
Town of Clifton Park – Methodist Church Clambake, Jonesville, Sept. 4, 1922. Practically every resident of Jonesville is in this photograph. The Methodist Church clambakes at Jonesville were famous. They were an annual Labor Day tradition from 1896-1960. If it rained, the church sheds behind the church were used. After they were torn down, it was necessary to use Odd Fellows Hall or the firehouse on a rainy day.