Town of Edinburg – Grace Simpson – Farming was still an important livelihood in Edinburg in the first half of the 20th century.
Town of Edinburg – Moving a building on the frozen Sacandaga River prior to creation of Sacandaga Reservoir.
Town of Edinburg – Albert and Juliett Atherton-“chore boy” and cook in local logging camp. Logging was a major industry in the 1900’s.
Town of Edinburg – Main Street in Batchellerville looking south. The Old Country Store on right in its early location.
Town of Edinburg – Maple syrup making was an early spring venture for many farmers. Leon VanAvery and Walter Edwards at Emer Shepard’s Sugar House.
Town of Edinburg – Barker’s Store served the people of Edinburg for over 100 years. Closed its doors in 1945.