Town of Galway – James T. Hunter Store, 1940, North Street, later Thomas’ Variety Store and Post Office for Galway. Today this is an apartment house.

Town of Galway – Hotel, East Galway, NY 1910 – While the days of the horses and buggy were on the way out, a combination of roads and early makes of cars greatly restricted the number of miles that could be covered in a day in the country.

Town of Galway – Galway Lake – 1900- Dutch “Hank” Rostin’s home overlooking Galway Lake. No motorized vessels are allowed on the lake, so canoes and sailboats are a familiar sight. Today this is a beautiful summer resort, ringed with homes for people of the area.

Town of Galway – Farming in the early 1900’s. Shown here, Galway farmers making hay while the sun shines. In the late 1800’s, Galway listed over 200 farms, late 1940’s Galway listed about 50 farms. Today farming is nearly an occupation of the past for the Town of Galway.

Town of Galway – Students and teachers in front of Galway Union Free School, north side of East Street, Galway Village, 1900.

Town of Galway – Working the roads in Galway, early 1900’s. Kirtland Gibson (served as Highway Superintendent) and crew, pictured here. Parkis Mills Road was an important road in Galway as it was the shortest route from Galway Village to the Parkis Mills, then an important fact in the local economy.