Town of Halfmoon – Crescent Bridge, operational 1915-late 1950’s. This two-lane bridge replaced the Halfmoon Toll Bridge and the Crescent Aqueduct.
Town of Halfmoon – Devoe’s Garage – Located on Route 9, south of Route 146. “Alf Devoe”, Proprietor – 1920’s – Besides fuel, this garage sold supplies, accessories, Imperial Ice Cream, automobiles, etc. (notice the attendant’s uniforms and other intricacies of this picture).
Town of Halfmoon – Crescent Post Office – Early 1900’s – Stella VanWert, Postmaster (pictured).
Town of Halfmoon – Toll House – Located in the postal village of Crescent, adjacent to the Crescent Aqueduct. This photograph was taken in the late 1940’s. Pictured is the structure where people who walked or drove across the original Halfmoon Bridge (beginning in the 1800’s) stopped to pay a toll.
Town of Halfmoon – Byrar & Dow Families – These families were from the Clifton Park Village area (Halfmoon/Clifton Park). They are pictured in a 1909 Winton.
Bradt Family Home – (now the home of the Harris Family). Located on Church Hill Road, this home was built prior to 1866. The front of this octagonal home faces the Mohawk River. Until the Crescent Dam was constructed, the Terminal Road continued parallel to the Mohawk River in front of this home. Today, most of Terminal Road is under water and we now see the back of the home, which faces on Church Hill Road.