Town of Milton – In 1926, Frank Cottrell purchased idle mid-1800 Stone Mill in Rock City Falls. Cottrell Paper Co. noon whistlestill focus of area employment. 1940 photo, Carl Huber, Charles Sumner, Frank Cottrell, Ted & Francis Harrington; Milton Eagles Firetruck.
Town of Milton – Filling the haymow c1936 on the Cullen Farmstead in West Milton. Hayfork with horsedrawn pulley for lift to mow. This farm included in 1948 acquisition of land as testing/learning site for US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program–Kesselring Site.
Town of Milton – Student body and teacher at Milton Hill District School c1915. K-8 age range evident. Note attire–knickers, caps, neckties, dresses, high shoes. Graduates might continue and attend high school in Village of Ballston Spa-no bus transportation.
Town of Milton – Courtin’ in the late 1940’s-autos were scarce, roads were still gravel; a “one-horse sleigh” was the way to go! Here Karl Stephenson brings Welna Smith, his future bride, along Rock City Road to the Middle Line for Sunday dinner at the family farm.
Town of Milton – During the 1930’s post-Great Depression years, the federal government’s Works Progress Administration funded community projects providing employment for many. Pictured here is a WPA crew of local men at Cook’s Pond area north of Ballston Spa.
Town of Milton – Until the 1920’s Kayadeross Railroad’s electric passenger/freight trolley line stopped at Rock City Falls P.O./Tenney’s store with mail, newspapers, store supplies/produce, delivered milk from farms to market and carried students to and from high school.