Town of Moreau – Reynolds House, Rt. 32, Moreau (known as Reynolds Corners). George Reynolds built the house in 1800 and, until 20 years ago, it was still occupied by a family member. It was a tavern in the Stage Coach days on the crossroads running from Saratoga Springs to Ft. Edward and Gansevoort to Moreau. The building was used as a meeting place for political and social groups and office town meetings were also held in the dwelling.
Town of Moreau – Grand Union Store. Main & Fifth Streets in the Village of South Glens Falls. This photograph was taken between 1935-1937. Prior to the Grand Union, a market operated at the same location as Hudson Food Products. The Grand Union was operating until the late 1940’s at this location until it relocated to a larger building.
Town of Moreau – Sadie Banks Store – Main Street, South Glens Falls. Situated approximately where McDonald’s is today, the popular store also housed a Post Office. Listings in the City Directory indicate the store was operating in 1933 and probably earlier and continued until 1946 and perhaps as late as 1949.
Town of Moreau – Cooper’s Cave, located beneath the bridge connecting South Glens Falls to Glens Falls is a natural stone cave made famous by James Fenimore Cooper in his book, “Last of the Mohicans.” So popular was this story that people from all over the world visited the cave. Unfortunately, a view of the cave is no longer possible since the spiral stairway was removed many years ago.
Town of Moreau – Still standing today, the school located in the Hamlet of Fenimore was built in 1908. Constructed of cement blocks, it was considered, “State of the Art” in 1908.
Ward’s Garage – This business operated for many years at its Main Street location in the Village of South Glens Falls. It was converted to an apartment complex several years ago. This photograph was taken in 1935.