Town of Northumberland – Gifford and Henry’s Store, Early 1900’s. Payne Ross, his dog; Moroe Vandenburg; George Duncan; Calorn Coone; Mr. Davis; D&H Station Agent, George Newell; Abe Leggett; Charles Leggett; Mr. Ross, a barber; John Duncan; Elijah Toms; Jerome Vanderwerker.
Town of Northumberland – Gansevoort School District #6, Class of 1935. Teacher was Donald Myers. School closed due to centralization. It held K-3 grades with 110 children attending. It now serves as Town Municipal Center.
Town of Northumberland – Gansevoort School #6 destroyed by fire in 1935; rebuilt in 1936. The first two room school. In 1951 and 1957 additions were added. It closed in 1968 and the town purchased it for a Town Hall in 1973.
Town of Northumberland – Gansevoort Mansion owned by Dr. William A. Patterson. Daughter Elizabeth, polka dot dress, about 8 years old in this 1900 photo. She was Northumberland’s oldest citizen in 1993, when she died at 101. This mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
Town of Northumberland – Post Office, Gansevoort, NY 1909. Built near Wilbur House on Lansing Street. Mrs. H. Wilbur was Deputy Postmaster. Franklin Carpenter was Postmaster. House and post office later burned.
Town of Northumberland – Borden’s Creamery built in 1910. Valued at $6,000, school taxes paid to District #6 were $24.00. Pictured: Ray Coray; Julian Gifford; Thedy Washburn, Elmer Vandenburg; Roy Brown; Clifford Hurd; Charles Hurd.